CONCERT REVIEW: BRET MICHAELS’ Parti-Gras 2023 Tour: All Killer Hits No Filler at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, NJ (July 23rd, 2023)

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If Bret Michaels‘ is on stage, you can be sure it will be a Rock & Roll Party party! Bret and his band are taking Jefferson Star and Night Ranger across America with his 2023 Parti-Gras Tour. Joining Bret during his set is Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray and Steve Augeri, formerly of Journey, performing some of their band’s signature songs. Together they delivered all killer hits, no filler! The Rock & Roll party rolled into Camden, NJ, at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, so leave your troubles in the parking lot and join the party. Bret will be your party host and ringleader like no other for the evening.

The Bret Michael Band [BMB] played all of Poison‘s biggest hits like they were all reborn. They captured the energy, fun, and spirit in which they were written decades ago. His outrageous glam look from the 80s is long gone and replaced with more straightforward black jeans, ripped t-shirts, and cowboy boots. Don’t let this look fool you; he still wears his signature bandana. He also hasn’t slowed down a nanosecond and can still easily deliver a high-octane show.

Bret sang and ran the stage in the sweltering heat while high-fiving fans in the front row and the catwalk continuously. He told the crowd, “It’s your party New Jersey; let’s have some fun!” and then turned up the charm by throwing out smiles and winks to all the ladies. He looked like he was having just as much fun as his fans and infused all his songs with the spirit of a good time.

Steve Augeri came out to sing “Separate Way,” Don’t Stop Believin,” and “Any Way You Want It,” while Mark McGrath performed “Every Morning” and “Fly” with Bret‘s band. They both sang with heart and soul while intermixed with Poison‘s songs.

All band members entertained the crowd from every part of the stage on every song. Pete Evick, who has been Bret‘s right-hand man for 19 years in BMB, is not only his guitarist but also holds down a myriad of other responsibilities, like music director and marketing, to name a few. He played all the songs flawlessly with their unique idiosyncrasy to match the sound and tone of how they were initially recorded. He nailed Poison‘s songs note-for-song as fans expected it and counted him delivering it. Before the show, I had the chance to ask Pete what was working with Bret really like. He responded, “Bret is my favorite front-man. He has outlasted all front-men from that era and still looks and sounds great while delivering 100% each night. He is as cool as Robert Plant and Steven Tyler. After 19 years, I crack up that I spent 19 years with the definitive 80s rock front-man. I’m the luckiest guy because I get to play with my hero night after night. The way he holds the crowd in his hands is a gift!”

Bret continued to win over the audience in a more striking moment of the show when he recognized the troops at home and aboard, thanking them for their service and allowing us to have our freedom. To celebrate their heroics, 15-20 men and women joined Bret on stage for “Something to Believe In!”

By the time he performed “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” on his black Dean acoustic guitar, he did indeed have Camden in the palm of his hands. The audience lite-up their iPhones in approval and swayed back and forth to the heartfelt tune that made up their life’s soundtrack.

It was the most energetic and inspiring 90 minutes of pure rock and roll as the band performed all the hits; “Talk Dirty To Me,” “Ride the Wind,” “Your Momma Don’t Dance,” and “Nothin’ But a Good Time.” He closed the show with a monster jam having all the musicians from Jefferson Starship and Night Ranger join in for a killer version of “Sweet Home Alabama.” These are the moments you live for on hot summer nights. It is a fitting tribute to end the night of partying at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion!

Tickets to the party are available HERE.

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