TIGER MOTH TALES – The Turning of the World (Album Review)

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Tiger Moth Tales is a vehicle for Peter Jones’ musical output, usually melodic progressive rock with a focus on telling a good tale. While other guests may occasionally show up on the studio albums (and a live band is assembled for occasional gigs), Jones is front and center most of the time as he is on this album, playing guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, melodica, whistles, saxophone and zither. But it’s his voice which goes down smoothest – one of the most wonderful in this genre – with more than a little Gabriel in it. Simply put, Peter Jones is a treasure and this new album is a gem not to be missed. 

“The Turning of the World” is not a prog rock album by any stretch but after last year’s excellent and proggy “A Song Of Spring”, it’s quite nice to have a more acoustic album of relatively straight-forward singer songwriter compositions to balance it all out. Although considered to be a companion to 2020’s brooding but beautiful “The Whispering of the World” which featured piano and string accompaniment, “Turning” turns more towards the acoustic guitar and a brighter look on life. Wrapped in nostalgia and innocent joy, this new album is an absolutely lovely collection of songs rich in melody and sentiment. If your autumn needs a little cheering up and inspiration, Tiger Moth Tales offers a kaleidoscope of colors to brighten your mood. 

The title track opens up the proceedings with saxophone, acoustic guitars and melodica. Feeling like a laid-back protest song – if that’s not an oxymoron – it earnestly encourages us each to stand up with our own voice and be heard. It eventually gears up to an enveloping chorus, turning and turning its refrain in our ears at an addictive driving tempo. Honestly, this chorus could have arrived a bit earlier in the tune, strong as it is. The hypnotic “Try” is another marvelous faster-paced track, urging the listener to put foot forward and giving it a go, “Try and try then try again, God loves a tryer in the end.” An earnestly delivered motivational song, simple in its acoustic accompaniment but unquestionably potent as the saxophone sings out. “Make A Good Sound” offers the brightest chorus of the lot and unapologetically beckons the listener to move their body, “And if you can’t dance to this, then work on your technique…” 

“The Turning Of The World” Artwork

Many of the songs are nostalgic reflections from Jones’ past, such as “So Wonderful To Be Alive” and “The Snail, The Horse And The River”, but which can be universally relatable in their choruses and messages. Most importantly, the melodies are cunningly catchy and well-performed. 

The beloved David Longdon, singer of Big Big Train, is memorialized is the touching “We’ll Remember” as Jones sings, “Life is pain but life is magic, too. It’s out there somewhere, and I believe we all keep a little piece of the magic that came from you.” There’s a sweet chorus at the end, with Rob Reed and Christina Booth joining in on backing vocals. What a much-needed tribute to his passing two years ago: “We’ll tell the bees, and the ladybirds.” 😢😢

Storytelling is always part of the Moth releases and “The Lock Keeper” makes for a jaunty yet sad tale, ably played on the acoustic. “Soon a computer will take the job that I do.” The album closes appropriately with “All I Need Today”, a love song to Jones’ wife, tying together the title track with the line, “For the world will keep turning until it’s all through, and that’s alright if I’m turning with you.” Bravo, well done, mate. 

As the world keeps turning it feels like occasionally we need a simple album like this, sincere in sentiment yet seamlessly arranged and delivered. Undoubtedly Jones will bring the prog back with a vengeance on future albums but for now, this little treasure more than satisfies to while away the autumn days.  

Released By: Independent
Release Date: October 6th, 2023
Genre:  Progressive Rock

“The Turning of the World” track-listing:

1. The Getaway (1:00)
2. The Turning of the World (6:29)
3. So Wonderful to be Alive (5:43)
4. The Snail, The Horse and the River (8:43)
5. Try (4:51)
6. We’ll Remember (7:31)
7. Pass it On (5:21)
8. The Beautiful People of Munchwald (3:28)
9. You Reached for My Hand (2:29)
10. The Lock Keeper (3:10)
11. Make a Good Sound (3:45)
12. All I Need Today (4:13)


  • Peter Jones / Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Melodica, Whistles, Saxophone, Zither
  • Robert Reed / Backing Vocals (track 6)
  • Christina Booth / Backing Vocals (track 6)

Order “The Turning of the World” HERE.

8.6 Excellent

Wrapped in nostalgia and innocent joy, this new album is an absolutely lovely collection of songs rich in melody and sentiment. Simply put, Peter Jones is a treasure and “The Turning of the World” is a gem not to be missed. 

  • Songwriting 9
  • Musicianship 9
  • Originality 8
  • Production 8.5

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