Powerwolf – Best of the Blessed (Album Review)

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Reviewing a compilation album is always tricky business.  At first sight, it is not still clear what a particular band is trying to achieve. On the one hand, it might just be a desperate marketing move to attempt to gain more money. On the other, it might be a lawful endeavor with something to contribute to a band’s catalog or history. There are even cases where a compilation album includes unique features that will join the collected songs. Some of them might consist of unreleased songs, covers, live versions, and re-written or re-recorded songs from their previous albums, which all of them seek to provide an added value to such type of album.

So, with the above in mind, the silver shaped question must be answered. Does “Best of the Blessed”, the first greatest hits album by Powerwolf, is worthy of our time and money? Short answer: hell, yes. That should do it, but just in case, there are some compelling reasons to prove that this is not your typical Best Of type album. For instance, last year marked the 15th anniversary of Powerwolf, which, in such time, has grown to the extent of currently being considered the most successful heavy metal band originated from Germany. In such regard, “Best of the Blessed” constitutes a mass celebration to (un)sanctified that milestone in style.

To that end, the High Priests of Heavy Metal gathered and established an ecumenical council, in which they determined to reunite sixteen of their most potent and sacrilegious metal psalms to deliver them refreshed, through body and blood for their hordes to rejoice. The Wolves even decided to transfigure seven of them, so now, we are blessed with new versions of their early blasphemous anthems, such as devotees’ favorites like “We Drink Your Blood”, “Sanctified with Dynamite” and “Resurrection by Erection.”

The treatment realized to the seven re-written, and re-recorded songs is pristine. The new sound of this dark liturgies is majestic, and even the tiny, as well as the added details, are flawless and can be heard in all of their glory. To try to analyze the depth of the songs seems redundant since all of them are already well known by the previous victims of lycanthropy. For new flesh, prepare to be attacked by some of the most lethal predators in the world of music. The heavy metal mass has never sounded better, so be ready to confess your sins, because once you are converted, there is no point of return.

“Best Of The Blessed” Album Artwork

Lucky for us, “Best of the Blessed” does not stop there. It also includes fourteen live songs taken from the impartation of the sacrament on their Wolfsnächte Tour during 2018. The powerful atmosphere can be appreciated; the ecstasy of the minions is palpable. Listening to the live album confirms an eleven commandment: “Thou shall not miss Powerwolf if ever hits your hometown.” Listening to such live tracks is pure joy. One can only imagine how invigorating must feel to be out there with the wolf-pack, singing along to the ceremonial songs, immersed in pure heavy metal elation.

In addition to the above, the Earbook and LP Box Edition of “Best of the Blessed” includes four more live songs, so that should get your predatory needs covered until Powerwolf can tour again, hopefully with a new album under their jaws, which they are currently working on.

Released by: Napalm Records
Released on: July 3rd, 2020
Genre: Heavy Metal


  • Attila Dorn / Vocals
  • Matthew Greywolf / Guitar
  • Charles Greywolf / Guitar
  • Falk Maria Schlegel / Organ
  • Roel van Helden / Drums

“Best of the Blessed” Track-listing:

  1. We Drink Your Blood (New Version 2020)
  2. Army of the Night
  3. Demons Are a Girl‘s Best Friend
  4. Werewolves of Armenia (New Version 2020)
  5. Saturday Satan (New Version 2020)
  6. Amen & Attack
  7. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
  8. Resurrection by Erection (New Version 2020)
  9. Sanctified with Dynamite (New Version 2020)
  10. Kreuzfeuer
  11. Armata Strigoi
  12. Kiss of the Cobra King (New Version 2019)
  13. Killers with the Cross
  14. Sacred & Wild
  15. In Blood We Trust (New Version 2020)
  16. Let There Be Night

CD 2 – The Live Sacrament (Wolfsnächte 2018):

  1. Fire & Forgive
  2. Incense & Iron
  3. Amen & Attack
  4. Demons Are a Girls Best Friend
  5. Killers With The Cross
  6. Armata Strigoi
  7. Blessed & Possessed
  8. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
  9. Resurrection by Erection
  10. Stossgebet
  11. All We Need is Blood
  12. We Drink Your Blood
  13. Werewolves of Armenia
  14. Lupus die

Earbook & LP Box (The Live Bonus Sacrament):

  1. Sanctified with Dynamite
  2. Army Of The Night
  3. Coleus Sanctus
  4. Let There Be Night

9.1 Excellent

“Best of the Blessed” is not just the first greatest hits album by Powerwolf. It is a celebration of their trajectory and a confirmation that the High Priests of Heavy Metal won’t rest until the non-believers of the world are converted. The production and mastering of the reworked metal psalms are magnificent. The solid performances of the live tracks transmitted all the energy caused by the celebration of the sacrament. The Heavy Metal Mass has never sounded better, so be ready to enter a musical coven with no equal that would get the listener howling through the night

  • Songwriting 8.5
  • Musicianship 9
  • Set-list 9.5
  • Production 9.5


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    Eduardo Rivera on

    The review is an amazing piece of work. I didn´t knew the band and after reading the review and listening to the different music videos I can tell I like them.

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    Amazing review! I don’t know the band but I’m looking forward for the release of this album already!