TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Career Retrospective with JOHN MACALUSO (Episode No. 20)

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Drummer virtuoso John Macaluso is a name that will be familiar to anyone following the melodic metal scene for the last 20 years. One of the most in demand and hard working drummers to ever grace a stage – with a catalogue of over 200 albums spread across numerous different genres – Macaluso is a workaholic who has played with countless bands: starting his career with American power-thrash metal band POWERMAD, he also worked with TNT and RIOT, before founding the groundbreaking ARK with Tore Østby and Jørn Lande. He went to on collaborate with a zillion other artists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, James LaBrie, Dee Snider and even temporarily replaced Jason Rullo in SYMPHONY X in 2013.

Returning with the first Talking Perspectives episode of 2019, Gonzalo Pozo, Rodrigo Altaf, Jordan Blum and Joel Barrios joined Macaluso for a chat which spanned over an hour. Always a personable and humorous character, their conversation turned into a talk between friends, covering anecdotes from John‘s years with Yngwie, Ark, his new bands Stone Leaders and Tripsonic Order, his upcoming tour with Tomorrow’s Eve and much more.

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