TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Dissecting Opeth’s “In Cauda Venenum” / Satan And Rainbows Podcast / Summer Concerts Retrospective (Episode No. 29)

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The Swedish progressive band Opeth released their thirteenth studio album, “In Cauda Venenum,” on September 27. Widely hailed as a more focused and biting effort than its more psychedelic predecessor, “In Cauda Venenum” sees the band perfecting the sound they adopted after their more metallic era came to a close nearly a decade ago. On the 29th episode of Talking Perspectives, host Gonzalo Pozo and guests Nate Treese and Jeff Partyka dissect the album, a record perhaps unwittingly released within a month of the twentieth anniversary of the release of “Still Life,” easily one of the high points of Opeth‘s death metal era.

The trio also discusses Nate and Jeff’s own podcast, Satan and Rainbows, a frightfully detailed examination of a band’s entire discography that focuses on progressive rock and heavy metal. Having already tackled such massive catalogs as those of Judas Priest and Gentle Giant, the current season of Satan and Rainbows examines the birth and growth of the technical metal scene, a movement about which Gonzo is perhaps a bit too passionate…

The panel wraps things up with a summer concert retrospective (in October, because Texas summers last for freaking ever), where they confess to the love of music not entirely progressive or metallic. Pop in those earbuds, find a household chore that will eat half your day, and queue #TalkingPerspectives29 stat, because this chat was so much fun and so informative, those two and half hours flew right by in just 150 minutes.


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