TWELVE FOOT NINJA Release “Vengeance” Video as New Album Arrives

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Twelve Foot Ninja mark the release of the Australian band’s long-awaited third album album, “Vengeance” (Volkanik Music) with the release of a video for the title track. Watch it below.

Guitarist Stevic Mackay summed up the strange beast that “Vengeance” as follows: “There are definitely some ‘80s inspired permeations in the genre permutations, but I think we became clearer on the distinction between ‘songs’ and ‘riffs’; there’s a clear harmonic bone-structure carrying all of the songs. “Vengeance” features a squall of industrial-grade synthesized guitars intercut by a patter of digital beats and a sinewy, Tokyo-tech cabaret feel. The ominous intro builds the tension to an expected crescendo, only to pull it back which forces you to focus on the lyrics…seemingly a deliberate decision aligned with the band’s much talked about prioritization on wordsmithing of this album.”

Vengeance” arrives as an immersive multimedia project, with the album being released simultaneously with “The Wyvern and The Wolf,” a high-fantasy novel written by Nicholas Snelling. Set in a grim and savage world, “The Wyvern and The Wolf” tells the tale of an orphaned samurai boy named Kiyoshi who is adopted by the ruthless leader of a clan of ninja. Much more than a mere origin story, however, the novel is a tour de force in fantasy fiction and world-building, and represents a unique partnership with Snelling. Published by The Venn Gents, the novel can be pre-ordered now here. The original story of the Twelve Foot Ninja was conceived by Stevic MacKay and his partner Fiona Permezel. It was that concept which first inspired “The Wyvern and The Wolf.” A graphic novel, “Vengeance” is also available now, written by MacKay with artwork by George Evangelista, “Vengeance” sees the band’s namesake, the Twelve Foot Ninja, journey through alternate dimensions to take on an evil alien entity.


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