THE ETERNAL Shares Music Video For New Single ‘When The Fire Dies’ From Their Upcoming Album “Skinwalker”

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Finnish-Australian metal outfit The Eternal continues to stoke anticipation for their upcoming album “Skinwalker” with the release of their emotionally charged single ‘When The Fire Dies’.

Following the chilling ‘Deathlike Silence’, this new track delves deeper into the band’s darker sonic territory. ‘When The Fire Dies’ is a slow-burning exploration of loss and renewal, featuring the haunting vocals of Mark Kelson alongside guest appearances by Dutch cellist Elianne Anemaat and Russian vocalist Emily Saaen, a longtime collaborator.

The accompanying music video captures the song’s essence with visuals that depict transformation and hope arising from the ashes. Drummer Jan Rechberger (Amorphis) describes Kelson‘s vocals as “a beacon of hope amidst the dense and atmospheric soundscape,” adding a layer of vulnerability to the song’s emotional journey.

Lyrically, ‘When The Fire Dies’ confronts the complexities of loss and letting go in a relationship. Kelson himself describes the song as “a cathartic expression of grief.”

“Skinwalker,” due for release on June 28th via Reigning Phoenix Music, promises to be a defining moment for the band. It features a star-studded guest list, including members of Amorphis, Kreator, and the award-winning Tuvan throat singer Albert Kuvezin. Recorded and produced by Kelson, Rechberger, and guitarist Richie Poate, the album also boasts artwork by Kelson himself with contributions from the renowned Travis Smith (Opeth, Amorphis).

The Eternal‘s sound blends dark, melancholic, and progressive influences with a strong foundation in doom metal. The current lineup combines the talents of Kelson, Poate, Rechberger (Amorphis), and bassist Niclas Etelävuori (ex-Amorphis, Flat Earth), forming a truly international collaboration split between Melbourne, Australia, and Helsinki, Finland.

Pre-order “Skinwalker” HERE.


Mark Kelson / Vocals, and Guitars
Richie Poate / Guitars
Niclas Etelävuori / Bass
Jan Rechberger / Drums, and Percussion


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