SEVENDUST’s CLINT LOWERY Streams “Dizzy Moments”, First Single From Upcoming Solo Instrumental EP “Don’t Say It”

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Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery will release an instrumental EP, “Don’t Say It”, on May 24. The official music video for the EP’s first single, “Dizzy Moments”, produced by Chuck Brueckmann, can be seen below.

When Clint announced that he was working on an instrumental EP back in January, he wrote: “For a while now I’ve been very interested in film scoring, sound design, and programming. Instead of focusing on another typical release, I thought it’d be cool to write and release a few of these rough pieces I’ve been cutting my teeth on. Most of it is very moody, dark, and cinematic, but still somewhat in traditional song format. It has been very fulfilling to work on not to mention refreshing creatively. I can experiment with sounds, textures, and arrangements I enjoy.”

“I got the inspiration while listening to Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts” release and thought it would be a good exercise to just write and record something every day or at least every other day just to flush things out, and learn more about the process.”

“I like to announce these things to stay accountable and I always work better under a deadline pressure, even if it’s one I put on myself. I plan to mix and master this myself (something I’ve never done). So please be open-minded and take it for what it is…sharing musical ideas, the process where I’m currently sitting, and where I want to go. I’m excited to tread on some new ground. Very humbling yet gratifying journey so far.”

For more information on “Don’t Say It”, visit THIS LOCATION.


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