Watch KORN’s RAY LUZIER Playing ALEX VAN HALEN’s 2012 Drum Kit

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Alex Van Halen‘s drumming has profoundly shaped the landscape of modern music and performance. The Van Halen drummer’s distinctive style, rhythmic innovation, and iconic drum sound are deeply embedded in the DNA of the music we enjoy today. Moreover, his elaborate and customized drum sets have undoubtedly influenced a generation of young drummers, encouraging them to expand their kits with additional drums or cymbals or to create their own unique, custom drum setups.

In honor of Alex Van Halen‘s prestigious 2023 induction into the Modern Drummer Hall Of Fame, the magazine is thrilled to present an exclusive video series that pays tribute to Alex‘s remarkable career and enduring legacy. The series was filmed at the IronShore Studios in Grand Cayman and features interviews and performances by three of today’s most recognized drummers playing on Alex‘s actual 2012 custom touring drum set, built by the great John Douglas.

The second episode features Korn drummer Ray LuzierRay speaks to Modern Drummer publisher/CEO David Frangioni about his passion for Van Halen‘s music and his experiences touring and performing with Van Halen singer David Lee Roth. After the interview, Ray takes to Alex‘s drum set, delivering a dynamic performance of several iconic Van Halen tracks. He also deconstructs some of his favorite Alex Van Halen drum grooves, presenting them in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Said Ray: “I had a blast spending some time in the Grand Cayman at the amazing @ironshorestudiosky. I got to play on Alex Van Halen‘s actual 2012 kit to actual VH recordings.. pretty surreal! I played parts of most of the tunes that I played in my 8 years with the David Lee Roth band… snuck some @sammyhagar in too. Huge congrats to Alex for all of your achievements & for inspiring us for many decades, we love you!”

Even though it’s been more than a decade and a half since he last played with RothLuzier has fond memories of his time with the Van Halen frontman. “I love the guy to death, and he taught me so much about the entertainment business — not just being a drummer, but being a performer in a band,” he said. “He was, like, ‘Luzier, people pay good money to see you. Don’t just sit back there like you’re waiting for the bus. Give ’em a show.’ He would say stuff like that. He would always give me little pointers here and there. He’s the one that kind of got me more into the visual aspect of playing. And people do watch the drummer. I mean, if the gig requires you just to lay back and groove and don’t be a showy thing, that’s great. But I’ve been fortunate to be in some bands where I can ham it up a little bit and be a little bit more visual.”

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