RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Won’t Tour Or Play Live Again According To Drummer BRAD WILK

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Rage Against the Machine may be done raging for the foreseeable future. According to a statement from the band’s drummer Brad Wilk, the band has decided not to pursue further reunion shows, effectively putting the kibosh on any hopes for another worldwide mosh pit party.

This news isn’t entirely unexpected. Vocalist Zack de la Rocha’s ongoing physical issues, after he tore his ACL on stage, forced the cancellation of their European leg in 2022, raising concerns about the band’s long-term touring viability. While Zack‘s recovery was undoubtedly the top priority (and took longer than initially expected), it left a question mark hanging over RATM‘s future.

Now, that question mark has morphed into a full stop, as per Wilk‘s own words: “I know a lot of people are waiting for us to announce new tour dates for all the canceled RATM shows. I don’t want to string people or myself along any further. So while there has been some communication that this may be happening in the future… I want to let you know that RATM (TimZackTom and I) will not be touring or playing live again. I’m sorry for those of you who have been waiting for this to happen. I really wish it was…”

So, does this mean the end of Rage Against the Machine as we know it? Not necessarily. The band has a history of rising from the ashes, returning with renewed energy and purpose. Their 2007-2011 reunion proved their music’s enduring power, drawing in new generations of fans while rekindling the fire in old ones. Besides, one can always hope.


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