PUSCIFER Reveal Music Video For New Song “The Algorithm”

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Puscifer has unveiled a brand new original track, with an accompanying music video, which you can watch below. Titled “The Algorithm”, the new release is crafted exclusively for the soundtrack of Sumerian Comics‘ hugely popular “American Psycho” comic book series. This dynamic partnership between musical and visual storytelling realms provides an enhanced and immersive experience for fans of the comic book series, delivering an atmospheric, sensory depth.

“The Algorithm” by Puscifer, joins previously released tracks from the soundtrack from Unlike Pluto who covered Eurythmics‘ “Sweet Dreams”Perturbator, who covered “Dangerous” by Depeche Mode, and Ramsey, who covered Leadbelly‘s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”. Between them, the previously released tracks have racked up over 677,000 streams with current sales for the graphic novel series topping 80,000 units.

Nathan Yocum, president of Sumerian Comics, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, sharing: “Joining forces with the legendary rock band Puscifer for our soundtrack to the ‘American Psycho’ comic book series is an electrifying collaboration. This original song brings an intensity and depth to the narrative, elevating the experience for fans and readers alike. We’re thrilled to amplify the story’s impact with Puscifer‘s signature sound, creating a fusion of music and storytelling that will further captivate audiences.”

The “American Psycho” comic book series by Sumerian Comics is a bold reimagining of Patrick Bateman‘s notorious saga. The five-issue series delves into a dual storyline format; one tracing the chilling exploits of Bateman, and the other introducing a contemporary narrative featuring Charlene Carruthers — a social-media-savvy millennial whose descent into violence mirrors the chilling escalation of her predecessor. This innovative take reinterprets the iconic tale with a story written by Michael Calero (“Quested”), vivid artwork by Piotr Kowalski (“The Witcher”“Bloodborne”“Sex”), and striking colors by Brad Simpson (“Kong Of Skull Island”“Stray Dogs”“Blade Runner Origins”).

Sumerian is an American comic book and graphic novel publisher headed up by Behemoth Comics co-founders Nathan Yocum and Ryan Swanson, alongside Sumerian Records founder and film director Ash AvildsenSumerian‘s titles are distributed worldwide by Diamond Comic Distributors to the comic market and Simon & Schuster to the book market. Sumerian averages over half a million physical comic books sold yearly.

When he’s not fronting Tool and A Perfect Circle, Midwest-bred singer/songwriter Maynard James Keenan exorcizes his demons with a third project dubbed Puscifer.

As an outlet for the darker and more personal musings that don’t quite fit into the Tool and A Perfect Circle molds, Puscifer blends introspective reflection and sophomoric humor in a way that is distinctly Keenan, apparent in the titles of releases such as the 2007 debut “V Is For Vagina”, 2013’s “Donkey Punch The Night” and 2015’s “Money $hot”. By 2020, in light of world events, Keenan and company buckled down and got a little more serious for their fourth set, “Existential Reckoning”.


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