Post-Rockers TOUNDRA Release First Single “El Odio. Part II” Off Their Upcoming Album “Hex”

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Toundra have released the second part of their 22-minute-long piece “El Odio”, the first track on the new album “HEX”, which is due out on January 14th, 2022 via InsideOut Music. The song is conceived, written and produced as a single song, which was then divided into three parts on the album. It represents the band’s various musical influences: post rock, psychedelia, crust, progressive rock, celtic folk or stoner all have a place in it. Watch the clip below.

The band comments: “There’s TOOL, there’s The Who, The Mars Volta and John Lennon. We’ve been inspired in so many ways by so many artists: from Fugazi to Scott Walter, from Paco de Lucía to Schostakovich and f**ked Up.”

Guitarist Esteban Girón comments on the song title: “Since birth, human beings are struck by innumerable impulses that lead them to hate instead of love. Hate is not in the nature of any animal, not even in the nature of a human being. Life in this world of screens, numbers, and false justifications of mathematics, theories even more perverse than social Darwinism, denature the human being and lead them to hate whoever is next to them. I have never seen an animal hate and I have grown up among them.”
The band states: “Writing each new Toundra album means doing a job to find each other as a band. From our most innocent early days we have been self-righteous enough to take every step that we have taken as a band too seriously maybe. Every time we think about writing new albums we even suffer for it. This album means a job in which the four of us have rediscovered what we wanted to do without really knowing how we did it. The ideas were coming up in a chaotic way during the first months until little by little we saw how everything was being arranged in various notebooks and on the blackboard of our premises. Finally, the extreme cruelty that we can see around us (closer and closer) served as a catalyst to be able to give order to a lot of ideas, songs and, ultimately, to this new album. We are looking forward to finally presenting it to the fans now.
The composition work led them to finish the demos for their new album “Hex”, under the always faithful sight of Raúl Rodríguez, in May 2021. The next step was to trust Sati García again, who transferred them to Cal Pau studios to record the seven cuts of this new album. Seven cuts that actually make up five songs. On July 30, 2021, the band obtained a new master’s degree and Mr. García could finally sleep peacefully. “HEX” will be released on January 14th, 2022 via Inside Out Music.

“HEX” is available as Ltd. Edition CD, 180g Gatefold LP (incl. the album on CD) and as Digital Album. Click here to pre-order the album now.

“HEX” tracklisting:

1. El Odio. Parte I (8:07)
2. El Odio. Parte II (6:44)
3. El Odio. Parte III (6:53)
4. Ruinas (5:01)
5. La Larga Marcha (5:50)
6. Watt (7:50)
7. FIN (4:57)


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