NICK D’VIRGILIO Announces New Podcast “So… You Want To Be A Musician?” The First Episode Coming This Tuesday

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Drummer and multi/instrumentalist Nick D’Virgilio – who recently made headlines as the current drummer for Mr. Big, which are releasing a new studio album next month – has announced the arrival of his own podcast, entitled “So… You Want To Be A Musician?”.

The first episode will air this Tuesday (June 4th, 2024) with new episodes coming every other week. Judging by the teaser trailer shared by D’Virgilio, we will get to see episodes with artists like Simon Phillips, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Jared James Nichols, Paul Gilbert, and many more.

“In this podcast, I dive deep with successful professionals from every music genre to uncover what it truly means to dedicate their lives to music. It may seem glamorous and amazing from the outside, but the reality is far more complex.” says D’Virgilio “Being a musician isn’t just about playing instruments, singing, or writing songs—it’s about everything else! There’s a vast world to navigate, from managing personal relationships and tackling the business side of music to balancing family life and maintaining mental health. Join me as I explore these challenges and more, revealing the true journey of a musician.

“I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a long music career, and now my mission is to chat with as many musicians as possible, letting them share their unique stories. I’ve already spoken with some incredible artists, and my list of future guests keeps growing. Everyone I’ve invited has been eager to join the conversation. It’s fascinating because, as you’ll discover, there are countless paths and approaches to being a musician. We delve into the good, the bad, and even the ugly—if I can get them to open up.” he added.


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