MANOWAR Shares Recap Video From Mexico’s HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST 2020

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Manowar have released a recap video of the Mexico’s Hell & Heaven Metal Fest of 2020, stating: Manowar‘s first-ever performance in Mexico, headlining Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2020, was a special treat for all involved. Take a look behind-the-scenes and get insights into the amazing work the Manowar crew put in for every show.”

The band recently released a lyric video for the song, “El Gringo”, from the band’s 2012 release “The Lord Of Steel”, which is the theme song for the eponymous action western film featuring Scott Adkins (Expendables 2, The Bourne Ultimatum) and Christian Slater (Broken Arrow, Interview With The Vampire).

First released in June 2012 as Hammer Edition in collaboration with Metal Hammer UK, “The Lord Of Steel” is blazing with pure power, untamed energy, and a sound as raw and wild as a force of nature. Track titles like “Annihilation” and “Hail, Kill And Die!” set the tone for a record that is packed with surprises. “…this album is all about brutality and raw power!” explained Manowar bassist, Joey DeMaio.


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