KERRY KING Reflects On Recording Final SLAYER Album After JEFF HANNEMAN’s Death: “I Had A Chip On My Shoulder”

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Kerry King, one of the two guitar architects behind Slayer‘s brutal thrash sound, recently reflected on the challenges and triumphs of his musical journey, both with the legendary band and in his recent solo venture.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, King opened up about the pressure he felt recording Slayer‘s final album, “Repentless”, without his longtime collaborator and co-founder Jeff Hanneman. Hanneman‘s passing in 2013 left a void in the band’s creative process, and King admitted to feeling a need to prove himself: “I think I had a chip on my shoulder because I knew people were saying, ‘Ah, Hanneman isn’t there, it’s not going to be that good.'”

However, “Repentless” silenced doubters and showcased King‘s ability to carry the torch. Though, with the release of his solo debut “From Hell I Rise, back on May 17th, 2024, King is forging a path that honors Slayer‘s legacy while injecting fresh energy.

King describes the album as “an extension of Slayer,” a sound familiar to fans yet distinct in its singular authorship. He emphasized the freedom and responsibility that comes with a solo project: “This is completely on me, so I knew that I had to come up with some great stuff. I think of myself as a fan first, so if I’m into it and I think it’s something really special, I think my fans are going to think it’s awesome.”

King‘s dedication to his signature style is unwavering. It’s evident that “From Hell I Rise” isn’t a departure from his roots: “Is that enough for everyone? It’s enough for me.” He continues to find inspiration in his own riffs, explaining, “I still write riffs that make me lift my guitar over my head and do a little victory dance because I’m so stoked with how they sound. There’s a whole new energy to this record, and a whole new excitement, but it’s not a whole new me, because I’m not finished being me. And if you like what Kerry King does as much as I like what Kerry King does, you won’t be disappointed.”


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