JOHN 5 Shares Video Play-through for New Single ‘Strung Out’

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John 5 and his band THE CREATURES have a new single out called “Strung Out”. The single, which was engineered, recorded and mixed by Barry Pointer, is available on streaming platforms now. You can watch the play-through video — directed by Mike Savage — below.

John 5 explains: “This song is called ‘Strung Out’ because I am so obsessed with playing guitar that when I don’t play and create new music for a while, I start to go a little insane.”

He adds: “There’ll be more CREATURES shows sometime in the near future and I really look forward to playing this song live.”

“Strung Out” credits:

John 5 / Guitar and Bass
Alex Mercado / Drums

In 2015, following a series of web shows to celebrate the release of his solo album “Careful With That Axe”, John 5 decided to take his solo set on tour, and formed THE CREATURES band to support his live shows. Initially joined by long-term friend Rodger Carter on drums, the band continues touring to this day, and now work as a unit on John 5‘s solo albums, including “Season Of The Witch”, the live album “It’s Alive”, “Invasion” and 2021’s “Sinner”. The current lineup includes John 5, Ian Ross on bass and drummer Alejandro (Alex) Mercado.

John 5 has also contributed to the work of iconic artists such as LYNYRD SKYNRD, Meatloaf, Ricky Martin and Rod Stewart, among many others. He says: “I’m busy, constantly busy with work, but I look at who I am in the studio with or sending music to and I think I don’t ever want it to stop.”


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