GUS G Reveals Video for New Single “Fierce”

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Greek guitar virtuoso Gus G., well known in rock and metal circles for his work as Ozzy Osbourne‘s guitarist and as leader of his own band FIREWIND, has released a new solo single, “Fierce”. The song’s accompanying music video, in which Gus can be seen sporting black metal-style corpsepaint, can be seen below.

Said Gus: “Boo! Check out the video for my brand new single, ‘Fierce’! Don’t be scared, this is just a love story… I came up with the concept of a lonely rock star who eventually finds true love in the eyes of ‘Necromantissa‘ — a girl he previously kept hostage in his dungeon. Music finally unites them and they live happily ever after and even form a metal band. Nightmare or reality?? We had tons of fun shooting this, getting in full makeup. I love certain black metal & shock rock aesthetics & wanted to try something different, instead of doing yet another performance video. And I also wanted to make a video with my cats too.”

“Many thanks to Panagiotis Kountouras for the excellent directing once again, my immortal beloved & our cats Marquise and Leon.”

“Fierce” is the follow-up to the “Exosphere” single, which arrived in early April. Gus previously described “Fierce” as “a real metal track. If you guys like my past instrumentals or stuff that FIREWIND has done, the fast stuff, you’re gonna like this,” he said in a video message earlier this month. “It’s a fast song. There’s a lot of shredding. And a really funny video.”

Gus also revealed that there will be “more singles coming out” over the course of the next few months. “We’re planning to release them in different phases, and then I think sometime around this fall, we’re gonna drop the whole album,” he said. “I guess it’s a new way of doing things — kind of like teasing the album with singles first and seeing how they perform and what people think and let people get used to it.”

According to Gus, his new solo album is “finished — mixed and mastered. Dennis Ward [PINK CREAM 69UNISONIC], he played bass on it and he mixed and mastered it,” the guitarist said. “I have a new drummer who’s playing on it. His name is [Jan-]Vincent Velazco. He’s a great, killer drummer. He’s from England. And he contacted me last year online, and he said, ‘Hey, dude, if you need a drummer, let me know.’ And I checked him out, and I was blown away by his skills, by his playing. So I thought hey, why not? Why not collaborate with somebody new? At the time, Johan [Nunez] was not available to record. ‘Cause I was planning to ask Johan from FIREWIND to play. But he went back to school to finish a course, so I thought why not collaborate with Vincent?

“I’m still not sure what to call the album, actually,” Gus added. “I have an idea in mind; I have a title. But this is gonna be my first all-instrumental album, so there’s a lot of guitar on it, different things on it — not just metal stuff. There’s some more mellow, some bluesier things, but then, of course, there’s a lot of shredding too. And I’m looking forward to releasing it. It’s a big step for me.”

“Exosphere” was released on April 1. The track featured Ward on bass and Velazco on drums. The artwork for the single was created by Gustavo Sazes, with whom Gus has worked since 2007. The song was was written during times of pandemic and was Gus‘s first attempt at using a seven-string guitar in an official recording.


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