GHOST’s Film Break Record For Highest Grossing North America Hard Rock Cinema Event

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There’s something to be said about Ghost‘s rise to success, as much as they get a lot of hate in the elitist and purist metal circles. And if you need further proof, look no further than the record-setting success of their debut film “Rite Here Rite Now”

The movie, which blends concert footage with a narrative storyline, has achieved remarkable success, entering the worldwide Top 10 box office at No. 9 with a total gross of $5.04 million from limited screenings between June 20 and 23.

The film’s triumph was particularly notable in North America, where it became the highest-grossing hard rock cinema event ever, amassing $2.65 million. Its performance was impressive throughout its run, peaking at No. 3 on June 20 with a gross of over $1.12 million and maintaining strong numbers in subsequent days.

Internationally, “Rite Here Rite Now” also left its mark. In the UK and Ireland, it reached No. 5 at the box office with a $606,000 gross, while in Germany, it claimed the No. 3 spot with $332,000. Mexico and Australia also saw strong performances, with the film ranking No. 5 and No. 6 respectively in those markets.

The film’s unique concept, which continues the band’s “Chapters” series, was directed by Ghost‘s frontman Tobias Forge in collaboration with Alex Ross Perry. Its success has led to additional screenings being scheduled in select markets due to high demand.

Forge expressed his gratitude and excitement about the film’s reception, stating: “Having wanted to make a movie for most of my life, I was overwhelmed to see the interest our fans showed in the film before it was even released. Now as people seem to have not only seen it, but also seem to dig it… That really gets my motor humming. Thank you all!”

Due to demand, further screenings have been added in select markets for this and next week. Full details are available at


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