CONCEPTION Announces First Album in Two Decades, “State Of Deception” to Arrive on April

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Reactivated Norwegian progressive metallers CONCEPTION, who feature in their ranks former KAMELOT singer Roy Khan, will release their new album, “State Of Deception”, on April 3. The band’s first full-length offering in over two decades follows on from 2018’s successful EP “My Dark Symphony”, and will once again be released via CONCEPTION‘s own Conception Sound Factory label. A full European tour will take place later in the year.

“State Of Deception” follows a 20-year interval during which band-members KhanTore ØstbyIngar Amlien and Arve Heimdal remained friends throughout, and the album release marks a full-circle evolution of the band.

Khan says: “The reception we’ve had from fans made recording a new album almost inevitable; they’d have rioted if we didn’t get this out. But we’re mightily proud of what we have put together here; I actually think it’s the best thing I’ve ever been involved in. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Reflecting CONCEPTION‘s desire for an entirely direct relationship with its fans, the album is wholly fan-funded. Moreover, “State Of Deception” was wholly produced by the band-members themselves, with mixing duties handled by Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEINWITHIN TEMPTATIONEUROPE). The nine-song effort perfectly captures the band’s trademark breadth of progressive sound, from symphonic melodrama to rock riff utopia, and features a guest appearance by AMARANTHE vocalist Elize Ryd.

Guitarist Tore Østby explains: “Producing this new album has been an emotional and exciting process, digging deeper into the heart and soul of the band than ever before. The result is dynamic and intense, it really feels like we managed to capture the state of CONCEPTION 2020. We’ve always said that we have a need to do what we feel is right for our music. We couldn’t limit the musical scope of CONCEPTION even if we wanted to. If we didn’t think we were capable of surpassing our previous work, we wouldn’t be here. We’re super proud of every single track on this album.”

Regarding the decision to release the new album through CONCEPTION‘s own label, Khan says: “We’ve worked with record companies in the past, and by definition, the artist sits at arms length from their fan-base. We felt that was an unacceptable compromise.”

“For an artist to see the reaction from a fan the first time they hear a new song is an extraordinarily powerful experience,” offers Østby. “Whatever happens, these are shared encounters that will never leave us, band member or fan alike.”

“State Of Deception”is both a definitive album release statement, as it is also a career milestone, recognizing a lyrical depth that acknowledges the current social climate. According to Khan the lyrics of the album revolve around human error and betrayal, hence the album title, but also touch upon everything from people’s facade to climate change, religion and politics.

CONCEPTION will play their only North America show at prestigious US Festival Progpower USA this year. The event is sold out.

“State of Deception” Album Artwork

“State Of Deception” track listing:

 1. In Deception
 2. Of Raven And Pigs
 3. Waywardly Broken
 4. No Rewind
 5. The Mansion (featuring Elize Ryd)
 6. By The Blues
 7. Anybody Out There
 8. She Dragoon
 9. Feather Moves (Remastered)


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