BODY COUNT Releases Music Video For ‘Psychopath’ Single

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Body Count, the metal band fronted by hip-hop legend, actor, and director Ice-T, has released the official music video for “Psychopath”, their first new single since 2020’s “Bum-Rush”, which won a Grammy Award for “Best Metal Performance”. Directed by Jay Scorsese, the “Psychopath” video pulls inspiration from fictional and real-life horrors, with references spanning from Jason Voorhees to Ted Bundy. Watch the music video below.

The explosive new track, which features Fit For An Autopsy vocalist Joe Badolato, shows Ice-T and crew on maximum killing overdrive and primed for the next chapter of the legendary Los Angeles-based band’s 35-plus-year career.

“Psychopath” is taken from Body Count‘s upcoming album, “Merciless”, the follow-up to “Carnivore”, which was released to critical acclaim in March 2020, just a week before COVID shut the entire world down.

Regarding how “Psychopath” came together, Ice-T told Consequence: “It started with the music. It sounds like what it’s like to be in a psychopath’s head. The track was psychotic, and it needed me to sing about something crazy.”

For Body Count, it’s been a history of being both respected and feared – a barbed-wire thread that stretches back to the band’s origins as a project between Ice-T and Crenshaw High friend, Ernie C. Their first shot fired, the song, “Body Count,” was a mission statement on Ice-T’s 1991 “O.G. – Original Gangster“. That’s the blueprint they’ve been running on for 35+ years.

They touched a nerve with their first, self-titled 1991 album and its divisive track, “Cop Killer,” which inspired hatred, fear, and paranoia, but also inspired generations of bands to follow. What they took from growing up with Black Sabbath and being inspired by fellow L.A. legends like Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies has only upped the ante for generations of homies and hardcore fans. Body Count’s current line-up includes surviving OG’s Ice, Ernie C. and Sean E Sean joined by bassist Vincent Price, drummer Will “Ill Will” Dorsey, Juan “Juan of the Dead” Garcia, and backing vocalist Little Ice.


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