TRENCH Put Metal World on Notice, Dive into Their Destructive New EP “Encased in Chrome”: “We Are a Band That Isn’t Constricted by Genre Rules or Traditions. We Create the Music That We Want to Hear Without Hesitation or The Feeling of Needing to Seek Approval from Others.”

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Trench just dropped their latest EP “Encased In Chrome“, and the sheer immensity of its heaviness and rawness is something that can’t be overlooked. At 11 minutes long, the EP is a sonic blast of aggression that is directed towards the listener, in the true Trench fashion. The tracks are unpredictable, oppressive in their production, and yet still incredibly engaging thematically and lyrically, if you dare to dive past the well-constructed cacophony. You can read our review of the EP HERE.

Blending their previous styles with far more avant-garde song arrangements, Trench take us to a place where we are left contemplating our inner demons, trapped under the weight of our absence in the present moment. EP closer “Be All End All” explores the inner hatred of humanity that has consumed so many,” the band says. “The track is a foreboding display of massive riffs, thunderous percussion, and rasping samples, all of which merge to create the soundtrack to a simple message: all is not lost.”

Sonic Perspectives contributor Josh Muncke had the opportunity of plunging headfirst into the EP, and resurfaced with a bunch of questions that focus on Trench‘s writing approach, their musical influences, and their favorite things about “Encased In Chrome” that people may initially overlook during the sonic assault.

Your new EP, “Encased In Chrome”, is so huge and dominating. Kudos! When it came to writing for this release, what did you do differently in your approach than with your last albums?

Bryce: First of all, thank you for the compliment. We’re glad that you enjoy the new record. When it came to the approach for writing “Encased In Chrome,” I can’t really say that there was a particular approach that differed from writing our previous albums. Like many artists and musicians, we wanted to build and expand on what we’ve created in the past. It’s not an idea that is ever discussed between us or a box that we have to check when writing new material, but rather something that is just a part of our motivation as individuals and comes out organically through the writing.

“Blossom” was something intense, and you all must have had a pretty clear and furious vision when writing that. What kind of mindset were you all in when writing “Encased In Chrome”?

Bryce: With “Blossom” being released in April 2020, circumstances didn’t allow us to do everything that we intended to for that album. So by the time we really began to dig into“Encased In Chrome,” we were all so ready and rearing to go. It felt like a combination of excitement for the future but also a cold hard focus to create and execute exactly what you hear now.

You guys have pumped out material every single year since 2016. What is your main motivation for this? No complaints here!

Bryce: Although the output of material has been pretty steady, it’s not something that we ever intended but rather just happened naturally. Trench is a band that is always looking towards the future and laying the stones for our next steps.

You went back to Jordan Chase at Oodelally Recordings for the latest release. Apart from the fact that he straight-up nailed the production for “Blossom”, what was the motivation for wanting to work with him again?

Cole: Working with Jordan was a necessary component of making “Encased In Chrome” for us. Our relationship with Jordan goes back years. He was really starting to find his sound as a producer before we went into the studio to record our “Gift Of Guilt” EP (2019), and we have recorded everything with him ever since. His attention to detail, and open minded nature have allowed us to experiment in the studio and come up with some of our best material. Sonically,  he’s one of the best doing it in heavy music right now, and he has turned into family to us. Trench’s unofficial 6th member. 

Jay, your vocals are insanely abrasive, who have your influences been as you’ve developed your voice? What did you want from yourself when you provided your contribution to “Encased In Chrome”?

Jay: I try to combine all the different types of vocals I love and form it into one cohesive style. Corey Taylor from Slipknot has always been an influence especially on the early Slipknot recordings. True aggression with no fancy vocal tricks. Another influence is Jason Tarpey from Iron Age. The way he sounds on “The Sleeping Eye” is one of the best sounding vocal recordings of all time for heavy music in my opinion. On “Encased In Chrome” I just wanted to sound as abrasive as possible. Trench is supposed to be short and sweet so I always give it my all on every word in the studio.

For each member, what is your favorite feature about this damn fine EP that listeners may initially overlook amidst the chaos?

Jay: My favorite thing that might get overlooked is how wild we went with samples and electronics. Cole absolutely outdid himself making each section of the samples we used for this record. A lot of work goes into that shit and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Tony: The details in fills and transitions.

Tommy: The flow and unpredictability has you by the edge of your seat when listening to the album in full.

Cole: Everytime I listen to this EP, I hear a new drum fill that excites me. I can’t get enough of Tommy’s drumming on this record. I also love how thoughtful Tony’s bass playing is, he really carries a lot of the blatant aggression of the songs.

“Encased In Chrome” is so incredibly raw, with the production and songwriting feeling like an explosion of metal and anger. Are there any artists that you look up to for inspiration when it comes to this amount of ferocity and aggression?

Cole: We definitely pull inspiration from a multitude of artists, but when it comes to the ferocity and aggression of Trench, that is the byproduct of us getting into a room and writing music together. Trench in its rawest form is just all of our ideas and inspirations combined. Having Jordan Chase on the production end of things helps bring our sound together cohesively, his production style is exactly what we are looking for sonically. Combine all of these elements, and you have the ferocity and aggression of “Encased In Chrome.”

Guilty Simpson’s appearance comes out of absolutely nowhere. It’s unexpected, but somehow I can’t imagine the song to go in any other direction. What was the choice behind getting Guilty Simpson to appear on “Unforgiven Remains?”

Cole: I Initially worked with Guilty in 2014 with my hip-hop group Suicide Kings, but I had always been a huge fan of his. In my eyes, he’s definitely achieved legend status in the rap industry.  He ended up getting on one of my beats back then for SK, which we shot a video for in Detroit. It was really cool being able to go to Detroit and work with Guilty in his hometown. We played some shows together about a year later, and have kept in touch since. When Trench had the idea to have a rapper on a track, Guilty was literally my first choice. I wanted to make a really deep and heavy beat for him to spit to, one that would fit with Trench musically. We wanted to break down genre barriers, and present something completely unique. Having Guilty Simpson on this song achieved that. Shout outs to Guilty Simpson.

There are some sick new sounds and musical approaches that you’ve included in this EP. What do you want the listener to understand about you as a group as they move through this EP?

Bryce: Trench is a band that isn’t constricted by genre rules or traditions. We create the music that we want to hear without hesitation or the feeling of needing to seek approval from others.

Furthermore, what do you want the listener to take away from “Encased In Chrome”?

Bryce: I would hope that the listener comes out of the experience feeling that our music is dynamic. Trench isn’t a one note band and I feel like our well of creativity is endless.

A little fun one, what is each member of the band listening to at the moment? Which album are you all currently jamming?

Jay: Conway the Machine, and A Mourning Star EP.
Tommy: Fit For An Autopsy, Deafheaven, Alien Boy, ETID.
Tony: Tallah, Brand of Sacrifice, Gleemer, Turnstile.
Cole: Alchemist & Boldy James, Snail Mail, Big Ghost Ltd., Pink Floyd. 
Bryce: I’m currently loving parts 1&2 of the album “Bronco” by Orville Peck. Every song they’ve ever released is perfect to me and I can’t wait to hear the new record in its entirety. 

Most importantly, where can fans and new listeners find all your music?

All of our albums and EP’s past and present (Gift Of Guilt, Blossom, Encased in Chrome) can be streamed anywhere you stream your music. You can pre-order “Encased In Chrome” on vinyl at, and make sure to keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for everything Trench

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