BLACK SABBATH and ROB ZOMBIE Drummer TOMMY CLUFETOS reflects on the debut of TOMMY’S ROCK TRIP: “I took this album as a challenge to myself”

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Tommy Clufetos has already carved his name in the history of rock and metal by working with reputable acts such as Rob Zombie, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper. The cherry on the cake of such an illustrious touring career was being handpicked by Ozzy to join his band and to replace Bill Ward in Black Sabbath.

More recently, Tommy has been announced as the new member of The Dead Daisies, and kicked off a new band, the supergroup L.A. Rats, with his old buddy Rob Zombie, Nikki Sixx and John 5. In addition to that, he recently put out an album under the moniker of Tommy’s Rock Trip, a celebration of the music that inspired him, with a distinctive 70’s-tinged hard rock sound. The band’s debut is entitled “Beat Up By Rock and Roll”, and showcases Tommy on drums and vocals, alongside Eric Dover on vocals, Eliot Lorengo on bass, Hank Schneekluth and Nao Nakashima on guitar.

Released on May 07th via Frontiers Records, “Beat Up By Rock and Roll” holds no punches, and sounds like a soundtrack to an episode of “That 70’s Show”. Tommy‘s origins and upbringing in Detroit are very much in the forefront, with a distinctive “live in the studio” feel permeating its eleven tracks. In fact, many parts of the album were cut straight from the demos into their final form, which gives it an organic atmosphere.

Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf sat down with Tommy Clufetos to discuss the making of “Beat Up by Rock and Roll“, his influences, the tours with Black Sabbath and much more. Find out their spirited chat on the links below. Remember to subscribe to our podcast in any of the several platforms we publish them in, to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents from the world of music.


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