Interview with Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train, Spock’s Beard, The Fringe)

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Nick D’Virgilio is one of the most respected and revered names in progressive-rock. First stepping into the spotlight as founder member and drummer for the US band Spock’s Beard, he later released two great solo album, 2001’s “Karma” and 2010’s “Pieces”, and have collaborated with countless other artists and producers including Fates Warning and Tears for Fears as touring drummer, Roland Orzabal, Mystery, Cosmograf, Karmakanic, Frost*, Jordan Rudess and many others.

Nick is a current (and long-standing) member of prominent British proggers Big Big Train and prog/pop outfit The Fringe, and was recently asked to record drums and vocals for the upcoming  Spock’s Beard’s latest album Noise Floor. He is the Sweetwater Studios‘ first-call session drummer, where he creates how-to content, demonstration videos, and product reviews, and he also teaches music and pro audio classes.

At one of the busiest times in his career, we thought this would be an ideal opportunity to chat to Nick about the past, the present and the future, and interviewers and contributors Scott Medina and Prog Nick talked to Nick for almost an hour. You can listen to the whole conversation in the audio below.


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