SYMPHONY X’ Michael Romeo: “I Really Wanted My Solo Record to Be Different from The Band’s Sound: More Orchestral and Cinematic, with some Sabbath and Pantera Influences”

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Internationally acclaimed guitar hero Michael Romeo announced a while back the release of his eagerly anticipated first official solo album, War of the Worlds / Pt. 1, on July 27th. The wildly ambitious 10-song disc sees the founder, chief songwriter and prime mover of the progressive titans Symphony X furthering his reputation as one of the world’s preeminent six-strings masters and composers of adventurous, multi-faceted orchestral metal. While the album brims with the kind of thrill-seeking guitar chops that have placed the Garden State shredder in numerous “all-time greats” lists, it also offers some unconventional twists. Along with classic metal textures, Romeo pays homage to film score giants Bernard Hermann and John Williams, and there’s even some surprising EDM/dubstep elements guaranteed to turn heads – all of which makes for an enthralling and immersive journey.

Symphony X fans have been waiting two decades for an honest to goodness Michael Romeo solo album (not counting his 1994 demo recording, The Dark Chapter, which was released in several countries), and the arrival of War of the Worlds / Pt. 1 will be no doubt be cause for celebration. Sonic Perspectives‘ contributor, reviewer and interviewer Gonzalo Pozo sat down with Romeo and dug the details of how the creative process behind the record went down. Check out their conversation in the video below, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on daily basis.


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