MARK MORTON of LAMB OF GOD Discusses Self-Titled Album: “We Feel Like We Are Still Making Relevant and Inspired Music”

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After seven full-length albums, Lamb of God has titled their eighth studio record with their own name, suggesting that “Lamb of God” is the statement of a band prepared to fully embrace their place as a veteran metal act. This definitive moment for the group comes in the wake of longtime drummer Chris Adler leaving the band early last year, but his shoes were quickly filled by the youthful energy of Art Cruz from <b”>Winds of Plague. New drummer in tow and decades of experience behind them, “Lamb of God” seeks to continue the legacy they have been crafting in the studio and on the road since their formation in 1999. “Lamb of God” is an album filled with heaviness and groove in equal measure, sticking largely to the formula that has granted them widespread acclaim and opportunities to share the stage with Slayer on last year’s farewell tour.

“Lamb of God” Album Artwork

With the exception of Cruz, the band has maintained its lineup since their formation, retaining the iconic voice of front-man Randy Blythe and the talents of guitarist Mark Morton. Aside from their unyielding speed and resolve, “Lamb of God” also includes guest features from vocalists Chuck Billy (Testament) and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) to accent an already impressive roster. The band’s current position in the scene and forward momentum are set to remain relatively steady with this record despite the lineup change, as “Lamb of God” seems focused on exploring more of what the band does best rather than breaking new ground. 

Morton spoke to Sonic Perspectives contributor Samantha Buckman at greater length about the lineup change, how the band approaches songwriting at this point in their career, and what the future holds for Lamb of God.

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