Interview with Leather Leone (Leather, Chastain)

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Leather Leone… The name may not instantly ring a bell to the average metal fan, but she was an integral part of Chastain‘s classic 80’s albums. In 1984, she was connected to metal guitar virtuoso David T. Chastain, who was known at the time for his band CJSS, featuring bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. She joined his new band, Chastain, as the lead vocalist and recorded 5 albums with them. After Chastain‘s For Those Who Dare tour finished in 1991, the world waited for more. Then Leather disappeared. For years fans searched and wondered what had happened to the “Voice of the Cult”, the only female vocalist ever to be compared to Rob Halford from Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and Geoff Tate. 

Having gone through an extensive hiatus in her career since 1991, the singer returned to the music business in 2011, and since then she revitalized her solo act with extensive tours through Europe and South America. She is now back with a new record, simply titled “II”, which is set for release on April 13th via Divebomb RecordsSonic Perspectives‘ collaborator Rodrigo Altaf interviewed Leather and they spoke about the new release, her time with Chastain and her relentless approach towards heavy music. Check out their conversation in the video below, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platform to listen and be notified about new interviews.


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