Comedian and Actor GARRET JAMIESON Talks Recent “Heavy Metal Hitchhiker” YouTube Series: “I embodied SpongeBob While Performing as the Series Main Character”

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Contrary to popular belief, metal bands and fans do not walk around with frowny faces all the time, looking like they want to murder someone. In fact, humor and metal have walked hand in hand since forever. From Ozzy‘s stage antics and weird facial expressions with Black Sabbath, to Spinal Tap, S.O.D. and Steel Panther, it seems us metalheads have always found a way to laugh at ourselves.

BangerTV, the YouTube channel of the Canadian production company Banger Films, have just added yet another entry to an ever expanding catalogue, and once again, humor plays a key role in how this story is told. Their eight-part series “Heavy Metal Hitchhiker” follows the journey of Mitch, a metal fan who hitchhikes across Canada to deliver a lost guitar to the fictional band Rägr. Each episode shows a ride with a different character, and as the Rägr show time approaches, Mitch gets closer and closer to his final destination. Or does he?

The soundtrack of Heavy Metal Hitchhiker features a myriad of bands, and showcases an interesting mix of new and old acts: Power Trip, Earthless, Pale Mare, Cancer Bats, Carcass, Protest the Hero, Exciter, Possessed and others. Funny enough, there’s only one Rägr song, and one couldn’t help but wonder if there are more to be discovered. The script leaves plenty of room for more episodes to be filmed, so we might see more of the band down the road.

In a very spirited interview, Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf spoke with Garret Jamieson, the man behind the character Mitch, and the two discussed how the character was created, Canadian humor, the possibility of more episodes and much more.  Listen to their conversation below and remember to subscribe to our podcast in any of the several platforms we publish them in, to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents from the world of music.


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