BRETT PETRUSEK and ERIC FAIRCHILD Of FUZZRD Reflect on “Near-Life Experience” Debut Album : “We Were Kicking Out Riffs Like Doritos!”

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The Minneapolis band, FuZZrd, have a knack for documenting searing personal experiences, strapping them to turbo-charged guitar riffs, and creating kick-ass rock n’ roll, and have released their ferocious debut studio album, “Near Life
Experience,” this past December. They make no attempt to hide the scars acquired on the journey. But rather than dwell on darkness and fury, FuZZrd focuses their energy on hard-won lessons and glimmers of hope. The result? Tales of obsession, devotion, and redemption – all sung from the crater of a live volcano.

This album is a testament to their primal spirit, which drives these finely crafted songs. “Near Life Experience” is packed with songs that offer big riffs and even bigger grooves like on “Razor,” “Monster Carnival,” and “Witchcraft Singalong.”

Brett Petrusek [lead vocals / guitars], Robert Berg [bass / background vocals], Eric Fairchild [vackground vocals / guitars]and Scott Savage [drums]demonstrate just how huge rock n’ roll should sound and fans can order their new album here.

Correspondent Robert Cavuoto had an in-depth conversation with Brett and Eric about their new album, the importance of developing riff-driven songs, and the songwriting process for the band. Check out their conversation below, and remember that for more interviews and other daily content, make sure to follow Sonic Perspectives on FacebookFlipboard and Twitter and  subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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