THE DARKNESS’ Bassist FRANKIE POULLAIN Expands On New Concept Album: “We Are Throwing the Gauntlet to Other Bands, And Questioning What Rock N’ Roll Is In 2019”

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The Darkness are ready to embark on the most ambitious album/tour cycle of their career. On the new album “Easter is Cancelled”, the band concocted a concept which questions their own existence, the relevance of other rock bands, and celebrate triumph in the face of adversity at the end of the journey.

Produced by guitarist Dan Hawkins, “Easter is Cancelled” is a bold statement where the band decided to go big or go home on all its aspects: lyrics, music arrangement…and big they went, with a tale that is in equal parts love, laughter and heartache.

The death of rock ‘n roll is one of the album’s main themes.This contentious subject is tackled head-on on opening track “Rock and Roll Deserves to Die,” an exhilarating, kaleidoscopic mini-rock opera which swings from bucolic folk to heads-down riffing and finds the band threatening to drive a stake through the heart of the whole genre. The Darkness love rock ’n roll. But right now, rock ’n roll is doing itself no favors.

Fresh out of a tour opening for Ed Sheeran, which got the band a lot of exposure to an otherwise largely unreachable audience, The Darkness is getting ready for the release of the adventurous “Easter is Cancelled” on October 04th. Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf sat with bass player and original band member Frankie Poullain. The two discussed the album at length, the plans to play it in full on the upcoming tour, and much more.

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