DEVIN TOWNSEND: “Trying To Get An Orchestra And Choir Into This Music Was Like Trying To Get 5 Fat People Through A Door”

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Devin Townsend has been expanding the horizons of metal, sound, and brutality for over a quarter century. During that time, he has released records both groundbreaking and diverse under a number of monikers, including the sweeping Terria and Strapping Young Lad‘s seminal sophomore album City. Last year, Devin commemorated the twentieth anniversary of his first magnum opus with a fan-selected set with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra at the Ancient Roman Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria followed by Ocean Machine performed in its entirety.

In this audio interview, the always amicable Heavy Devy chats with Sonic Perspective scribes Nick Andreas and Gonzalo Pozo about the Devin Townsend Project‘s incredible new live CD/DVD/Blu Ray set from that special night. Check out their conversation in the video below, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platform to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on daily basis.


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