TESTAMENT’s Guitarist ALEX SKOLNICK: “At Some Point I Needed to Get Away From the Bay Area. It Suddenly Felt Like a Small Town”

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Alex Skolnick first gained attention as the teenage wizkid whippersnapper super-shredder in the legendary thrash band Testament. But his musical passions have always had a broader scope; he experimented with funk with Stu Hamm in the early 90s, formed a number of bands who played everything from fusion to cop-show music, pursued a degree in music performance at New York’s prestigious New School, and even found time to play for Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra for a while. Alex is currently touring with his jazz/bebop band, the Alex Skolnick Trio, after a busy summer with Testament and Slayer.

Alex chatted while on the road in Texas with our contributor Gonzalo Pozo. The two discussed the importance of versatility, collaborating with esteemed musicians of many different styles, a nearly-forgotten gem that saw him performing with his ex-wife and how he auditioned for both Ozzy Osbourne and Spin Doctors. Alex Skolnick Trio‘s latest album “Conundrum” can be purchased at this location.

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