VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch METRO SOCIETY Lyric Video For New Single “Pieces Of The Past”

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Metro Society is a progressive rock/metal project group from the mind of guitarist/songwriter Chris Mangold. Their upcoming studio album “The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” is scheduled to be released on March 1st, 2024, via Metro Society Records

“The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” is based on a conceptual story written by Chris Mangold and Ian Ringler. The music and lyrics are formed around the dynamics of the storyline: There is a very thin line that separates the thirst for knowledge and the addiction of obsession.

Set in the city of London during the year 1898, a new century approaches as the Victorian age draws to an end. It has been ten years since the horrific murders of Jack the Ripper gripped the city in fear. The darkness of those gruesome events still casts a grim shadow over the city and its citizens. An up-and-coming detective is thrown into a murder mystery involving the suspicious death of his former mentor the now-retired Metropolitan Police Commissioner. The Detective has vowed to solve this case and begins to discover far more than he ever imagined. Clues and raised suspicions all lead to a twisted tale of betrayal, secret societies, and murder all seemingly linking back to the Ripper. Will the Detective uncover the long-hidden secrets of London’s sorted past or will he become a victim of his own unrelenting obsession?

Today we are premiering the album’s first single “Pieces Of The Past”: It’s the epic track on the record and ranges from up-tempo heavy hitting to progressively synced parts and superb lead vocals and vocal harmonies. Watch the lyric video below.

Pre-order the digital album HERE.

Mangold teamed up with bassist Ian Ringler to collaborate on writing the music for a new project. During the writing sessions, an idea surfaced to combine the songs with a conceptual storyline based on the Paris Metro system.

After the recording of the guitars, bass, and keys, the group took on new life when other musicians were invited to record the remaining parts. Vocalist George Margaritopoulos was asked to perform the vocals for the entire album and delivered a world-class performance. The project turned into a family effort as Will Mangold, Chris‘ father, stepped in to record the drums tracks.

“The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898” Album Artwork

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