Australian SUGAR SPINE Blasts Onto the Metalcore Scene with Furious, Focused and Formidable New Single “Gutter Paint”

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Back in September last year, musician Josh Muncke was locked into a hotel room for two weeks and ordered by military not to leave the room. Whilst some faired worse than others, Muncke went into the room with a vision. Those two weeks would be the gestational period in which Sugar Spine, the super-charged metalcore project, would be born.

On Feb 25th, the Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist dropped “Gutter Paint“, the first track to come off the upcoming debut EP “Mirror Talk“. It blisters the listener almost immediately with a barrage of bass drum bursts, and the constant beat being driven throughout the track shows that stamina and confidence is no issue.

Muncke gave us some insight on how the sound for Sugar Spine was developed: “Whilst I didn’t consciously set out to write songs that were inspired by other artists, I can say without a doubt that I was influenced heavily by bands such as Slipknot, Stick To Your Guns, Knocked Loose and Stray From The Path. I could name tonnes of bands who have influenced me even the smallest bit, but these are the main ones that drive the sound of Sugar Spine, I think! It also depends on what area of the music we’re talking about, be it the lyrics, what instrument, the song structure etc.”

If “Gutter Paint” is a good sample of what is to come on debut EP “Mirror Talk“, then metalcore lovers are surely in safe hands. The EP will be 7 tracks long, 30 minutes in duration, and one track will even feature a performance from the wildly talented guitarist of Born Of OsirisNick Rossi. On this, Muncke elaborates: “”Gutter Paint” is definitely a good sample of what’s to come. The EP talks about a lot of stuff going on in the world, and it’s actually the first time I’ve put my writing focus into world issues, not introspection. “Gutter Paint” deals with political corruption, specifically in Australian politics, but it can most definitely be applied to any political scenario in the world. The term ‘Gutter Paint’ is used to describe the mess a political figure makes of themselves when they finally fall from grace from the highest point in their career. Other tracks focus on islamophobia, misogyny & domestic violence, media and narrative pushing, and some other themes.”

Gutter Paint” is out now and available on all streaming services. Check out the official lyric video below.

Mirror Talk“, the debut EP, will be dropped on April 22.

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