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BUCKCHERRY and JOYOUS WOLF at The Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (April 17th, 2019)

Californian rockers Buckcherry rolled into Fort Lauderdale’s metal nest The Culture Room last Wednesday, as part of their “Warpaint Tour” promoting the album of the same name, and they brought another export from Southern California with them: Joyous Wolf. Before being asked to cover this show for Sonic Perspectives I was completely unfamiliar with both bands, yet we do crazy…


RIVAL SONS at The Masquerade, Atlanta (April 9th, 2019)

Long Beach, California is a city that really isn’t known for producing a large number of universally known musical acts (besides the ska punk band Sublime and the one and only Snoop Dogg), but the band Rival Sons has put an end to that statement. Touring on their sixth release Feral Roots, the bluesy, retro and totally rocking Long Beach-based…

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