CONCERT REVIEW: JOHN 5 and THE HAXANS Serve Up a Night of Infectious Enthusiasm and Epic Musicianship (April, 22nd 2022)

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On Friday, April 22, 2022, the Sinner Tour featuring The Haxans and John 5 & The Creatures made a stop at the Garden Amphitheater in Garden Grove, CA. Fans began lining up at the open air venue in the early afternoon, and anticipation mounted as it got closer to show time. After meet and greets were done, the doors opened, and the real waiting game began. The night was filled with great music, camaraderie, and positive energy.

The Haxans took the stage just after sunset, and were welcomed with cheers from the crowd. For those that are not familiar with them, the band consists of Ash Costello from New Years Day on vocals, and Matt Montgomery (also known as Piggy D) from Rob Zombie on vocals and guitar. Their music is upbeat, fun, and impossible not to sing along and dance to. The Haxans delighted fans at the Garden Amphitheater with their catchy, spooky tunes, including “Little Black Goat,” “Slick Black Coffin,” and “Dirty Magic.” Costello is a talented front-woman, and she belted out powerful notes and captivated the audience. Montgomery displayed expert guitar playing abilities, and a pleasantly surprising voice that meshes well with Costello’s. Dressed in matching gold sparkling outfits, the pair clearly have a lot of fun with this side project, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Any fans that were not seated were spotted dancing and moving to the music throughout their set.

John 5 always puts on a spectacular show, and this night was no exception. Right before he took the stage, a crew member wearing a giant John 5 head came out to hype up the crowd. The band members, Ian Ross (bass) and Alejandro Mercado (drums), came out and took their places, and then John 5 emerged and wasted no time beginning their first song. John 5 is a masterful guitar player, and it’s safe to say he’s one of the best in the business. He uses a multitude of techniques on stage, including playing with one hand, and using a violin bow on his guitar strings. He also wears a variety of masks, and plays several different guitars throughout his set, including a clear one with neon green liquid and one that’s made up of LED lights. Ross and Mercado are also exceptional performers, and they did a great job of entertaining the crowd. John 5 and the Creatures play instrumental metal music, and they bring their expert musicianship to the stage, holding everyone’s attention without song lyrics.

The Sinner Tour is just getting started, and despite a couple of show cancellations, there is still plenty of time to grab tickets to this awesome spectacle of a show!


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