OCEANS OF SLUMBER On the Diversity of Their Lineup: “There’s A Big Difference In the Acceptance You Get With a Black Frontwoman Versus a Non-Black Frontwoman.”

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Drummer Dobber Beverly of Oceans of Slumber minces no words about the issues the band has faced during their brief but rapid climb. Singer extraordinaire Cammie Gilbert, the target of the unwarranted and uncharitable criticism her bandmate and companion Mr Beverly references, takes it in characteristic stride. “There’s a lot of societal variables that affect what people expect to see a black woman doing in music. They expect Nicki Minhaj or Cardi B.

Ms Gilbert is neither Nicki nor Cardi. She’s content to let the music and her voice do all the talking, and we’ll be damned if this Houstonian progressive-black-doom band’s monumental sound doesn’t benefit greatly from Ms Gilbert‘s unorthodox approach. Rather than borrowing from the classical and death metal traditions many of her contemporaries cite, Ms Gilbert is “bringing iconically black things into metal, like soul and gospel elements.” She pauses to reflect on the simplicity of what outside observers often see as a bold move, nonchalantly adding that “it’s not as familiar right now, but music evolves every day and changes pretty rapidly.”

Recently home from a tour with Swallow the Sun, Oceans of Slumber introduced new band members Semir Ozerkan (bass) and guitarists Jessie Santos and Alexander Lucian to their first Texas audience at Austin’s Come and Take it Live on July 19, 2019. Cammie and Dobber were kind enough to sit down with Sonic Perspectives Texas Bureau Chief Gonzalo Pozo to talk about life, the universe, racism, and the singer/bassist certain Houston-area trio you may have heard of… 

Also enjoy some pictures I took of the night in the picture gallery below.

Slideshow photographs by World Of Metal and Pure Grain Audio.



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