GOOD CHARLOTE @ The Aztek Theater – San Antonio, TX (November 10th, 2018)

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What do you get when you send a metalhead and a prog-nerd with a camera to a Good Charlotte show? You get a set of photos and a thirteen-minute audio piece. Sonic Perspectives Texas Bureau Chief Gonzalo Pozo and longtime friend Melissa Cagle leave their comfort zones to live among fans of more radio-friendly rock for an evening, talk to unsuspecting fans about their personal connections with the long-running suburban DC rockers, and walk away with a newfound admiration for bands who establish those connections within the limits of pop-punk. Check out the Live Perspectives audio below, along with pictures for the night!


Generation Rx / Self Help / The Anthem / The Story of My Old Man / Keep Your Hands Off My Girl / Riot Girl / Girls & Boys / Prayers / Little Things / Hold On / Dance Floor Anthem / Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous




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