CONCERT REVIEW: FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Demolish Michigan in a Night of Earth Shattering Metal (January 6th, 2022)

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Fit For An Autopsy‘s tour package was everything you could want and need for an amazing show! Great American Ghost kicked off the show with a ton of energy that the crowd just soaked up. They played one of their newer songs, released in 2020, called “Altar of Snakes“; The crowd screamed back every single word to the band. Throughout the night there was a decent sized mosh pit, of which their vocalist (Ethan Harrison) entered whole continuing to sing without missing a beat. There were several crowd surfers, so the bands were overjoyed seeing the crowd’s energy.

Signs of the Swarm

Next up was Signs of the Swarm and, man, this band was a force to be reckoned with. They stepped on stage and the crowd went absolutely wild! As their powerful lyrics soared through the venue, the crowd made a huge circle pit while screaming the songs back to the band.

Coming all the way from Manchester, England was a powerful band called Ingested. This was only day two of the tour – and these guys have already had a rough tour. Fortunately for the crowd they weren’t going to let transportation issues slow then down! They played a lot of older songs sprinkled in with some newer songs, included one of the more recent songs called “Rebirth”. You could tell by watching each of the band members perform that this was their passion and that they were honored to be a part of the tour package.


Enterprise Earth was the fourth band on this tour package. They grabbed a hold of the crowd’s energy and kept it going for Fit For An Autopsy, which is what any amazing direct support does. During their set they announced that January 14th is going to be a world breaking day for the metal scene because not only are they releasing their album “The Chosen One” but also Fit For An Autopsy is releasing their album called “Oh What The Future Holds“. They gave us a little teaser of how powerful their album is going to be by playing a few songs off the album. When they performed “Where Dreams Are Broken” the crowd screamed back the powerful lyrics “I may be broken but it’s not too late to take a stand!

Enterprise Earth

Finally, we had Fit For An Autopsy taking the stage and stole all of the energy this already exhausted crowd had left. They played a mixture of both new and old songs, which caused the crowd to form a wall of death in the particularly small venue. The lead singer lit up with pride and joy when he saw the crowd form the wall of death that developed into a circle pit.

The energy from every band that performed made the crowd’s energy soar through the roof! In every mosh pit that was made, everyone was making sure everyone else was safe. If anyone fell down, they got picked back up. If you want to mosh and are new to moshing, this is definitely the environment to do so! This is a show you do not want to miss! What a great way to start the new year off!!

Fit For An Autopsy

INGESTED Set-list:

The List / Rebirth / Better Off Dead / Impending Dominace / Invidious


The Sea of Tragic Beasts / Absolute Hope Absolute Hell / Far From Heaven / Your Pain Is Mine / Pandora / Do You See Him? / Tremors / Hydra / Heads Will Hang / In Shadows / Iron Moon / Black Mammoth / Warfare

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