VISIONS OF ATLANTIS To Release Live Album and DVD “A Symphonic Journey To Remember”

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VISIONS OF ATLANTIS’ long cherished dream came true: an unforgettable journey through the maritime depths of their history accompanied by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague! A video for “Heroes of the Dawn” was released on August 27th. 

This autumn, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS will continue their entrancing symphonic journey through the maritime depths by presenting fans with their very first LIVE album/Blu-ray/DVD, “A Symphonic Journey To Remember!” Recorded live at the 2019 BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Festival with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, the multi-format live offering is set to be released via Napalm Records on October 30, 2020.  

The audiovisual voyage through the long and successful history of the band showcases their strong, manifold identity and cements their standing at the top of the scene. Alongside their bandmates, the heart-wrenching duets of Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli are underlined by the outstanding musical power of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague.

The highly energetic, enchanting live music video “Heroes Of The Dawn” catches a first visual spark of the palpable live atmosphere of the festival, and the band’s breathtaking musical delivery.

Following the release of their latest chart-breaking studio album, “Wanderers” (#17 UK, #30 US, #39 DE), symphonic metal alliance VISIONS OF ATLANTIS are now ready to conquer your eyes and ears with this unique, first-class live appearance! 

Clémentine Delauney on “A Symphonic Journey To Remember:” “We are absolutely thrilled with finally releasing our very first live blu-ray/DVD, “A Symphonic Journey to Remember”. Our show at Bang Your Head!!! Festival in 2019 with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague gave us the perfect point in space and time to make the dream of playing with an orchestra come true. We hope you will enjoy this audiovisual experience as much as the memory of this show is still vivid and precious to us!”

This unforgettable live experience will be available as a special Blu-ray/DVD/Audio CD bundle as well as a double vinyl Gatefold, as an exclusive deluxe edition and via all audio streaming services. 

Pre-Order “A Symphonic Journey To Remember at this location

  • Blu-ray / DVD / CD Digipak, vertical format
  • Blu-ray / DVD / CD Digipak, vertical format + Shirt Bundle
  • 2 LP Black Gatefold (incl. DVD)
  • 2 LP Vinyl Gatefold Splatter Blue/White (incl. DVD)
  • 2 LP Black Gatefold (incl. DVD) + Shirt Bundle (North American mailorder only)
  • 2 LP Vinyl Gatefold Splatter Blue/White (incl. DVD) + Shirt Bundle (North American mailorder only)
  • Deluxe Fan Gym Bag (incl. Flag, blu-ray/DVD/CD Digipak Bundle + signed Booklet, VIP Pass & Lanyard)
  • Digital via all audio platforms

“A Symphonic Journey to Remember” Track-list:

  1. Intro 
  2. The Deep & the Dark
  3. New Dawn
  4. Ritual Night
  5. Lost
  6. The last Home
  7. Memento
  8. Release my Symphony
  9. Words of War
  10. Heroes of the Dawn
  11. Wanderers
  12. Seven Seas
  13. A Journey to Remember
  14. The Grand Illusion
  15. Nothing Lasts Forever
  16. Passing Dead End
  17. Return to Lemuria


  • Clémentine Delauney / Vocals
  • Michele Guaitoli / Vocals
  • Christian Douscha / Guitar
  • Herbert Glos / Bass
  • Thomas Caser / Drums

For more info about VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, visit: Facebook | Instagram 


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