TYGERS OF PAN TANG to Release “Majors & Minors” Compilation Album in May

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On May 28th 2021 TYGERS OF PAN TANG will release worldwide their album “Majors & Minors” which continues the band’s legacy with a fine selection of songs that were written and recorded over the last 13 years. Not just a “Best of” compilation because the band wanted to offer something special to both loyal fans, collectors and those who have missed our latest records. “It’s like your best Tygers tracks, but all in one place!”Robb Weir. And once again the stunning artwork will make the products and merchandise associated with the album things of beauty to behold.

The band chose songs on the album which they believed to be classics and to represent the Renaissance of the Tygers boosted by having a Florentine on vocals! Partially written on the road, the tracks not only have killer riffs, balls and power pushing performances to the limit, but express the band’s creativity and musical chemistry for songwriting. Not afraid to even add Spanish Guitars and castanets if a track demands it this band are never boring! Party songs, heavy songs, rock anthems, groovy rock’ n’ rollers, catchy songs cleverly constructed with accessible melodies, the band has packed all of this in to this meaty package. The contribution of Chris Tsangarides able to pull the best out of the band was instrumental. The band feel that this “new” period of the band which has in fact lasted longer than the original line up has produced songs which are indispensable to the history of the band. “It’s been a lot of fun putting this together, so get yourself comfy, press play and let the Tygers do the rockin.” -Robb Weir

The CD version of the compilation includes “Plug Me In”, never released on CD, a new orchestral version of “Spoils of War”, “What You Say” never released in an album format before. Furthermore, a live version of “Keeping Me Alive”, recorded in 2018, will grace the vinyl format of “Majors & Minors”.

Majors & Minors” will be released in digital, LP and CD formats by Mighty Music on May 28th 2021. “Tygers music is full of big notes and little notes, so let’s start with a Major one and finish with on a Minor!” – Robb Weir

Majors & Minors” Track-list:


Side A:

  1. Only The Brave
  2. White Lines
  3. Destiny
  4. Damn You!
  5. Keeping We Alive

Side B:

  1. Hot Blooded
  2. What You Say
  3. Plug Me In
  4. Spoils Of War (Orchestral mix)
  5. Keeping Me Alive (Live in Fismes 2016) – exclusive for vinyl


  1. Only The Brave
  2. Destiny
  3. She – exclusive for CD
  4. Never Give In – exclusive for CD
  5. Worlds Apart – exclusive for CD
  6. Glad Rags – exclusive for CD
  7. Let It Burn – exclusive for CD
  8. White Lines
  9. The Devil You Know – exclusive for CD
  10. Keeping Me Alive
  11. Hot Blooded
  12. Damn You!
  13. Spoils Of War (Orchestral mix)
  14. What You Say
  15. Plug Me In


  • Jacopo Meille / vocals
  • Robb Weir / guitars
  • Gav Gray / bass
  • Craig Ellis / drums
  • Francesco Marras / guitars


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