HILLHAVEN (Current + Former Members of ICE NINE KILLS & FROM ASHES TO NEW) Share Visualizer Video For “The God You Think You Are”

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Current and former members of Ice Nine Kills and From Ashes to New recently formed a brand new band called Hillhaven. Last month they shared the video for the new single “Damned to Dream.” Now, they are back with another track — and it’s quite the rager.

“‘The God You Think You Are’ is a frontal assault on the manipulative narcissist,” the band states. “At one point or another, we’ve all endured this type of personality — whether that be through family, friends or even within ourselves. It’s an aggressive, forward, unapologetic ego killer of a song.”

The lineup is comprised of Chris Kelly (ex-Ice Nine Kills, ex-Galactic Empire, and who is rumored to play for Babymetal‘s band) on vocals, as well as From Ashes to New‘s Maty Madiro on drums; Ice Nine Kills‘ Ricky Armellino on guitars; From Ashes to New‘s Jimmy Bennett on guitars; and bassist Jaime GoWell.

Hillhaven is two-and-a-half year’s life experience, distilled into a single body of work and bolstered by four monster-level players,” Kelly said. “We’ve all been in this business for a long time and releasing something new, outside of what we’re all typically known for, is both exciting and nerve-racking. A lot of thought has gone into planning this year of releases.”


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