FIRSTBORNE (Ex-LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH) Streams Visualizer Video for Killer New Single “Dead Rats”

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Firstborne, the band featuring ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, bassist James LoMenzo (Megadeth, ex-Black Label Society), guitarist Myrone, and singer Girish Pradhan (Girish And The Chronicles), is now streaming their latest single “Dead Rats” alongside an AI generated video by visual artist Keith Roberson.

The group fearlessly explores the sonic landscape of thrash, metal and hard rock on this new track. The song was self-produced by the band with mixing / mastering by longtime collaborator Machine. You can listen to “Dead Rats” and stream the insane visualizer below.

“As promised, another monthly Firstborne banger!” said Adler of the single. “In addition to the killer tune, we are stoked on the accompanying visualizer by Keith Roberson, our AI guru. IT’s a first for us, and likely you as well. Check it!”

“Dead Rats” punches you in the face with a chugging lead riff and then softens the blow with a profound melodic sensibility and more than a dash of 80s’ metal nostalgia, serving as a perfect reminder of the groups musical pedigree. Adler contributes a blistering percussion performance, with bassist James Lomenzo holding down the low end with a pulsating groove. Myrone is at it again flexing his ubiquitous playing style that is equal parts technically impressive and approachable – his acrobatics on the fret-board don’t distract from his ability to write a damn good song. Girish Pradhan takes command of the song with a soaring vocal performance, jumping octaves and creating fireworks with his unmistakable voice and attitude.

“Dead Rats” Single Artwork

The AI generated video by visual artist Keith Roberson adds a compelling visual element to “Dead Rats”. The pulsating, constantly shifting visualizer is a nightmarish ride through an artificial hellscape – if the algorithm could dream up something this bizarre and beautiful, we have good reason to fear for the future. Words don’t do the “Dead Rats” official visualizer justice, so you should just click above to see it for yourself.

Get the single via Bandcamp HERE.

Firstborne previously released two singles, “Bad Things” and “One Of A Kind”.


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