VOIVOD’s Drummer “Away”: Our New Album “The Wake” is Vintage VOIVOD with a New Twist

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The only predictable thing about Canadian cosmic-metal warriors Voivod is that they will forever be unpredictable. During their 35-year career, they started as a punk/thrash band and with each album incorporated more prog influences, culminating with a few covers of Pink Floyd, and having Terry Brown (of Rush fame) producing one of their albums. Their career suffered a huge blow with the death of the main composer Denis “Piggy” D’Amour in 2005, but luckily they found a suitable replacement in Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain. Other members have come and gone, including Jason Newsted (Metallica), who played bass on three albums.

2018 marks a turning point for Voivod: the band is busier than ever, and is ready to release a new concept album, entitled “The Wake”. Whilst treading new waters, the new release has all the signature elements that made the band famous: dissonant chords, dystopian future lyrics, crazy tempo changes and the inimitable style of the cover art, made by their drummer Michel “Away” Langevin.

While he was waiting to go on stage in Las Vegas, Away had a chat with Sonic Perspectives‘ collaborator Rodrigo Altaf , where he spoke about the new album, their influence in newer acts, and the plans to finish a documentary telling the story of the band. Check out their conversation in the audio player below, and remember to subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on daily basis.


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