INTERLOPER’s Guitarist/Frontman ANDREW VIRRUETA Talks Band’s Debut Album: “We Discovered the Level of Organic Sound Development We’re Capable Of”

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The development of progressive pioneers INTERLOPER has not been an instant nor mundane process to say the least. On the contrary, it has procured particular expertise in creating endless layers of transcendent sound. Initially set as the title of one of the album’s most vibrant tracks, it quickly became obvious that the feel of “Search Party” could speak for the entire record. “In a way, it represents what we went through as a band, finding our sound, our members, finding our place in general,” explains drummer and Co-founder Aaron Stechauner.

A feeling of harsh desolation can be captured from the world embellishing the album cover created by Caelan Stokkermans. A woman sits in solitude on the edge of the world as a violent ocean crashes against her rock. The lyrics of the title track observe a young woman running away from herself and her challenges, destroying her connections with everyone around her. “She’s run as far away from her problems as she can, to the literal ends of the Earth, and she’s still lost. She’s carving a symbol in the rock (which happens to be our emblem), but the artistic purpose of the symbol in the piece is open to interpretation. I like to see it as a distress beacon,” explains Stechauner.

“Search Party” Album Artwork

“Search Party” has been a long time coming in terms of INTERLOPER’s existence as a musical project. “For me personally, this LP coming out feels like this is the start of what this band really will become. We needed to have patience, but there’s no reason to wait anymore. This marks the official start of this band,” says Baker.

The deep cohesiveness of INTERLOPER’s writing process for “Search Party” allowed for a creative project with no real boundaries or restrictions. Each member of INTERLOPER comes outfitted with a specialized skill set that is integral to the unique structure of these passionate and imaginative anthems. Pulling inspiration from raw human emotion, nostalgia, and pushing boundaries through the precision of musicianship itself, INTERLOPER continues to develop their identity.

Correspondent Carlos Gomez spoke with guitarist and singer Andrew Virrueta to dig as much information as possible about the creative process for “Search Party”. Find out that and more in the audio below, and remember to subscribe to our podcast in any of the several platforms we publish them in, to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents from the world of music.


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