CONCERT REVIEW: The “Voyeurist North American Tour” Rip Apart The House Of Blues (Boston – March, 14th 2022)

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Concerts returning in 2022 has started to spread joy to all those who enjoy them immensely, such as myself, a concert photographer. On March 14th, a chilly spring Monday night, I was able to have the opportunity to capture the ‘The Voyeurist Tour”at The House of Blues in Boston, MA. The line up consisted of Stray from the Path, Bad Omens, Spirit Box, and Underoath.

Stray from the Path, a hardcore rock band from Long Island, NY, kicked off the show ready to wake up the crowd filling in the HOB for the night. I have never heard of them until this tour and I immediately became a fan as Andrew Dijorio took the mic opening with “The House Always Wins” This band was ready to play to five people or five thousand people, you could just tell. With head banging songs and all members of this band full of fun energy, I highly suggest you check them out and go catch a show of theirs. The rest of the band consist of Craig Reynolds (drums) Anthony Altamura (bass)and Thomas Williams (guitars) and last founder member still rocking in the band formed back in 2001.They just dropped a new single ‘Guillotine’ a few weeks back as well, so let’s hope for a new album to come!

Stray from the Path Setlist: The House Always Wins / Outbreak / Goodnight Alt-Right / Fortune Teller / Second Death / Guillotine / Badge and a Bullet / First World Problem Child

Bad Omens took the stage second to a very full House of Blues now. Starting in Richmond, VA as a metal core band, Bad Omens is starting to get some very well-deserved spot light attention. The band entered to a very dark and red lit stage to open with “The Death Of Peace Of Mind”, which is the name of the new album they just put out at the end of February. Fans now pushed to get closer to the stage, but also avoid the mosh pit breaking out for Bad Omens. Crowd surfers starting flying over heads while Noah Sebastian, lead vocalist, took hold of the screaming fans with his flawless melodic voice. Each band member contained a very poised position on stage and brought an intense hold over their fans, which I’d say a lot of the crowd came to enjoy them as much as the next two bands about to go on after. Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson and Nicolas Ruffilo played their stings so tight you could almost see the sound pouring out of the instruments and Nick Folio is an absolute beast behind the drum kit. Like I had said, this band is getting the attention they deserve and I highly recommend you see them live.

Bad Omens Setlist: The Death Of Peace Of Mind / Artificial Suicide / Like A Villain / What Do You Want From Me? / Never Know / Limits / Dethrone

Co-heading this tour is Spiritbox and I was floored when they came out to the soft lit stage to bring down the house for their dedicated fans. This heavy metal Canadian band consists of one bad ass chick, Courtney LaPlante with long blue locks and a deep sexy voice, her husband and guitarist Mike Stringer, Bill Crook slapping bass, and 19 year old Zev Rose, who is an explosion behind his kit. Again, I have never heard of this band until a few weeks back, but I’m ecstatic I had the chance to see what they were all about. Only being a band for five years they have definitely proven why they have grown on the metal scene. Courtney was grateful to the fans as she thanked them for “doing whatever it is you guys do out their to our music.” Which is great to dance too, mosh too, crowd surf too, and just sway back and forth too, so I knew what she meant by that comment. As her voice echoed through the walls of the HOB, the band bounced around enjoying every second of the set. Spiritbox brings something different with each song and you must look them up, all the buzz they created with their debut album last year is absolutely justified.

Spiritbox Setlist: Rules of Nines / Circle With Me / Blessed Be / Hurt You / Constance / Holy Roller /  Eternal Blue

Now with a sweaty amped up crowd, it was headliner Underoath’ time to approach the stage. A light up masked man came on the stage for the intro, the band runs out to rip open the HOB with “Damn Excuses.” I have been a fan of Underoath for quite some time, so the 14 year old emo me was full of excitement. Let me tell you, being a seasoned band since 97’ they brought the heat! Each band member was lively as if it was the first town on the tour. Christopher Dudley commanded his area set up with keys and percussion like I have never seen before. His power energy alone moved through the rest of the band members exploding on the stage. Aaron Gillespie singing clean vocals while destroying the drums was a site while Spencer Chamberlain‘s lead vocals and screams, ripped through your body. James Smith and Tim McTague played flawless harmonies on the guitars and Grant Brandell punished his bass like a caged animal trying to break free. This six member band is no joke. They keep climbing up in the modern metal music scene and the hardcore fans they have acquired over the years showed up in Boston Monday night. They played songs old too new, new too old and each different aged fan loved every second of it. I had a blast running around the packed crowd trying to get shots to show what kind of insanity they provided.

All in all, ‘The Voyeurist Tour’ has been clearly ripping cities apart with this amazing line up! Definitely try to get out to this one but if not support each band by keep rocking out to the music they have given us to get through our days.

Underoath Setlist: Damn Excuses / Breathing in a New Mentality / On My Teeth / It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door / In Regards to Myself / Hallelujah / No Frame / Reinventing Your Exit / A Fault Line, a Fault of Mine / There Could Be Nothing After This / Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear / A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White / Pneumonia


Thron / Writings on the Walls


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