TALKING PERSPECTIVES: Bands That Constantly Revamp Their Identity / Queensrÿche – The Verdict / Randy McStine’s Career Highlights (Episode No. 22)

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Is constant artistic evolution a virtue? Is it necessary to maintain a group’s integrity? When is it okay for a band rely on the fruits of past labors? Can a teenager recruit members of King’s X and Spock’s Beard to perform on his debut release?

Riding on the heels of Episode 21’s discussion of artists who blend various genres to create their own, Talking Perspectives repeat offender Jordan Blum and prolific multi-instrumentalist Randy McStine join host Gonzalo Pozo to examine the merits and pitfalls of bands who strive to constantly revamp their stylistic identity. Unsurprisingly, the artists they discuss range from household names like David Bowie and AC/DC, to prominent stalwarts such as Fates Warning and King Crimson, right down to underground acts like Big Big Train and Anathema. The trio seize Queensrÿche‘s place in all this to consider their just-released record, The Verdict,” and opinions both passionate and impartial are wielded as weapons. What our panelists have to say about this new effort just might surprise you.

Jordan and Gonzalo also cede a generous chunk of time to Randy, wherein he tells us about his beginnings as a child prodigy and brings us up to his present place as a respected wingman whose resume includes such luminaries as Stu Hamm, Vinnie Moore, and In Continuum. Crank up your lawn mower, do some spring cleaning, and keep those earbuds firmly attached to your head holes for this monstrous, no-frills, two-hour edition of Talking Perspectives.


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