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Talking Perspectives is normally a fun show where the panelists talk both music and trash with and at each other, but Episode 25 will be more somber. On the morning of 8 June 2019, Andre Matos‘ wife posted on social media that she’d found her dear husband dead in their Sao Paulo home. An official statement was released within a few hours, and it has since been revealed that a heart attack was the cause of death. Mr Matos was only 47 years old.

Andre Matos founded two influential metal bands: Viper, who released two albums in the late 80s, and Angra, whom he fronted from 1991 until 2001. With them, he released one of the hallmark albums of power metal, Holy Land, in 1996.

Episode 25 of Talking Perspectives is dedicated to the work, life, and memory of one of the most distinctive voices of metal, one of the most frighteningly apt performers in live music, and unquestionably the most influential metal front-man to have emerged from Latin America: Andre Coelho Matos. Together with DAYDREAM XI singer/guitarist Tiago Masseti, MAESTRICK singer/keyboardist Fabio Caldeira, HELIOSAGA honcho Damien Villareal, and Talking Perspectives repeat offender Rodrigo Altaf, host Gonzalo Pozo discusses the legacy of the inimitable Brazilian musician. Additionally, Gus Monsanto (known for his work with Adagio, Revolution Renaissance) provides a postscript to what one panelist later called the best episode Talking Perspectives has produced.   

Addendum: a petition has been launched to make June 8 Brazil’s National Day of Metal. The petition can be found at this location ; non-Brazilians are permitted to sign. Listen to this episode remembering Andre, and share it around your social media channels for your friends to know about the life of this amazing musician.

Slideshow pictures courtesy of Andre Coelho Matos’s Flickr profile.


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