TALKING PERSPECTIVES: A 90 Minutes Chat About Our Favorite Progressive Rock Albums of 2019 (Episode No. 32)

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It’s that time of year again, when I solidly insert my earbuds anytime I enter a retail space, avoid shopping centers like the plague, and the both the suburbs and the sorority girls next door begin to reek of pumpkin spice. You know what that means…

It means everyone who thinks they know more than you do about music presents their “Best of the Year” lists! W00 freaking H00!

Why is this a thing, and when did it originate? We don’t know and it doesn’t particularly matter. What does matter is that we recognize the expectations our readers and listeners have of us, and that we do our best to meet those expectations while still honoring our audience and recognizing their own expertise.

Because let’s face it: many of these year-end lists amount to little more than an alpha-status pissing match, where the compilers flaunt their kvlt and scene cred more than they highlight the music that really resonated with them over the year. It’s pretty tiresome.

With our own year-end lists, the Sonic Perspectives crew has aimed not to rank these records by rubric, nor to include stuff just to demonstrate how tightly our ears are kept to the ground. We simply wanted to include the artists and albums that really spoke to us this year. At least one of us even hesitated to rank their lists numerically. But hey, expectations are expectations.

On episode 32 of the Talking Perspectives podcast, regular contributors Scott Medina and Rodrigo Altaf, and wayward son Austin Kokel, join host Gonzalo Pozo (and a stopwatch) to discuss the 2019 progressive rock albums that really struck a nerve with them. We’d all like to think that we did so without being a bunch of elitist pricks about it, but we humbly leave that verdict in the hands of our listeners. Listen below!


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