Yes To Launch New Version of 2011 Album “Fly From Here” At 50th Anniversary Fan Convention

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As reported by PROG (original article in this location) a brand new mix of YES‘ Fly From Here album, featuring the Drama line-up, and with newly recorded vocals from Trevor Horn, will launch at the Yes 50th Anniversary Fan Convention at the London Palladium on March 25. The original Fly From Here lineup including the late Chris Squire can be seen in the picture above.

The album was originally released in 2011, featuring then YES vocalist Benoit David. David left YES in February 2012 after suffering respiratory issues, and was replaced by current YES frontman Jon Davison. Horn, who along with Geoff Downes won the PROG’s Outer Limits award in 2016 for their work with BUGGLES, appeared live with in several occasions during the last couple of years, and of course was the singer for YES when they recorded and toured the Drama album in 1980. Horn, who produced the original album and who along with Geoff Downes had written the epic title track, has remixed the album and added new vocals. The new release, which will be available to purchase from the Convention, also features a new additional track.

The “Fly From Here” Original Album Artwork with the YES 50th Anniversary Logo

YES perform at the celebrated London venue the weekend of March 24/5 as part of their 50th Anniversary tour, and the Sunday is given over to a special Fan Convention day. This is expected to feature members of YES and various YES alumni, as well as featuring artist Roger Dean, authors including Chris Welch, Jerry Ewing, Jon Kirkman, David Watkinson and Simon Barrow.

There will be a performance from the YES tribute bands Fragile and SeYeS, a display of Roger Dean‘s artwork, a Yes raffle, a display of YES memorabilia and unique YES tour merchandise.

How much did you like Fly From Here and how do you feel about this re-recorded version? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I could easily live without the original Fly From Here. Why are they doing this? What are they doing? #LostInterest

  2. no comment – was not thrilled with it in the first release vocals won’t make the difference it was a gap album with no new material — PLEASE SEND STEVE WILSON MORE LIVE FULL CONCERTS FROM THE PAST 76 77 78 79 LET’S SEE THE FANS GET WHAT THEY WANT FROM THE RECORD COMPANIES FOR ONCE — CHRIS HAD ALL THE TAPES FROM YESSHOWS FOR ALL 3 TOURS LET’S GET THAT OUT THERE IN COMPLETE FORM

  3. What’s the difference? I like the original version so what’s the point? Kerching eh? Maybe they should do a version with Steve Hackett playing the guitar bits.

  4. Kenneth Thornfeldt on

    I love this album. I saw Yes in Stockholm when Benoit David did his last performance with the group. I will attend the convention and the gig in London on March 25 🙂

  5. Pointless. Benoit did a great job so it should be left as is. Its the last “good” Yes album before they turned into the embarrassing tribute band version of Yes with the Jon Anderson sound-a-like

  6. Am an avid Yes fan, since my teens, but I had to get rid of this album, it did not feel to me it was an album that much effort was put into it.
    There are some great tracks, ironically from Chris Squire., but overall it lacked that classic “YES feel”.
    They should really look at moving on to ‘New’ music with Billy Sherwood, with his work on conspiracy, circa etc. It could bring some new vibe to their music…

  7. I like some of the title epic piece, but it doesn’t quite hold together as a full epic. It lags in a few parts and feels like it loses some of its focus partway through, and doesn’t regain it. Trevor Horn doing vocals appeals to me, because we’re still waiting for that promised, new Buggles album. But overall, Yes albums tend to get better with repeated listens, but “FFH” has never felt like it has that deeper level (or levels) that I’ve come to expect from Yes’ albums. When Jon D. was in Roundabout, a Yes tribute band, prior to joining Yes, I traveled to Calif. a few times to see and hear them. Some of those shows were while Yes was on a break, so it helped to fill the void. I have a lot of respect for Jon as a vocalist, especially because he’s taken on the most difficult job in prog rock, but I keep listening to the “FFH” album and not finding whatever it is that’s supposed make me want to keep revisiting it as a Yes album. I’m not giving up, you understand, but it’s frustrating!

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