Witness the Mesmerizing Transformation of METALLICA’s M72 Stage in a Time-Lapse Video

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Metallica‘s M72 World Tour has been a spectacle of sound and fury, and the stage itself is a testament to the band’s larger-than-life persona. A recent timelapse video captures the impressive construction and dismantling of this mammoth structure, providing a glimpse into the intricate logistics that go into bringing Metallica‘s live show to life.

The video, which spans just over 40 seconds, showcases the transformation of a vast arena floor into a towering stage, complete with lighting rigs, sound equipment, and a sprawling catwalk. The sheer scale of the undertaking is evident as workers assemble the stage’s various components, carefully positioning each piece to create the iconic M72 design.

The dismantling process is equally impressive, as the stage is meticulously broken down and packed away with practiced efficiency. The video highlights the coordination and precision required to disassemble such a complex structure, emphasizing the behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to Metallica‘s legendary stage presence.

According to BillboardMetallica‘s production travels in 87 trucks — 45 for the band and its setup, plus two groups of 21 each for the steel stage and towers. There are 130 people in the band’s crew, plus 40 steelworkers, local hires, and truck drivers.


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